Millionaire Entrepreneur Says Not Owning a Home is the Biggest Mistake Millennials Can Make

Young couple happy after owning a home

It is easy to have a negative opinion of owning a home when you read about the travails faced by millions of Americans as they try to repay their mortgages. A study by Harvard University suggests that approximately 40 million Americans live in housing they are unable to afford. The existing state of affairs; where … Read more

Why New Homes Can Be More Affordable

Miniature house model on top of USD | Affordable Housing

Home builders such as LGI Homes understand that the cost of renting a property is simply too high for the average American. We can offer you a number of damning statistics to prove the point: First-time homebuyers make up just 32 percent of homeowners, the lowest rate since 1987. 42 percent of Millennials live with … Read more