Why New Homes Can Be More Affordable

Miniature house model on top of USD | Affordable Housing

Home builders such as LGI Homes understand that the cost of renting a property is simply too high for the average American. We can offer you a number of damning statistics to prove the point: First-time homebuyers make up just 32 percent of homeowners, the lowest rate since 1987. 42 percent of Millennials live with … Read more

What Factors affect FHA Home Loan Rates

Many prospective homebuyers, who do not qualify for conventional home loans, can usually qualify for FHA home loans. This makes these loans quite attractive, especially if you have less-than-perfect credit. As long as you have money for the minimum down payment and satisfy a few other criteria, you could be a proud owner of a … Read more

FHA vs. Conventional vs. VA Loan

Are you looking for home mortgage loan? If you are then you have come to the right page because it is vital to understand the meaning, definition, and most importantly, the differences between an FHA, conventional, and VA loan. Before we talk about their differences, let us take a look at certain aspects that are … Read more

What is an FHA loan?

Definition of FHA Loan The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) offers mortgage insurance on any loan made by lenders approved by the FHA. They insure loans on multi and single family homes and have insured millions of properties since their creation in the year 1934. It is critical to understand that the FHA doesn’t issue home … Read more

Basics of the VA Home Loan Program

In some cases, loan limts on VA loans are higher in areas where the housing market is more valuable…