Throughout the nation there are several national new home builders, more regional home builders and hundreds of local new home builders. In general, home builders set out to build high quality homes at affordable prices and ensure you enjoy the experience of buying a house. Throughout our website, we have a collection (lists of new home builders) of local, regional and national new home builders for you and your family to use during your search for the perfect house. Below, you will find a list of mostly larger new home builders. Some of these builders have houses for sale in neighborhoods throughout the nation, and some have specific regions they build in. Many are publicly owned and for the most part, they deliver high-quality new houses and an incredible buying experience. In fact, many of these builders are among the largest in the nation and are featured on the annual Builder 100 list, published by Builder Online. If you are curious to see how many homes large builders build and sell each year, or how many homes you have to sell to be a top 10 national home builder, it’s a good resource. That said, if you want to make sure you “cover all your bases” as they say, and visit builder websites without any hassle, New Homes Section is the place for you. We work diligently to find builders so you can compare their pricing and compare their homes, and the best part, you’re only a click away from their site. We hope you find this information useful and appreciate you taking the time to stop by while looking for your brand new home!

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