Southern Arizona is home to one of the greatest gems in North America and you’re just landed on a list of Tucson home builders giving you access to information needed to settle down in the area. Nestled in the midst of mountainous valleys sits the beautiful southwestern city of Tucson. It is hard to think that such a majestic place can be surrounded by the Sonora desert, but there it is, sitting 2,643 ft. above sea level. Tucson appeals to people from all walks of life due to its diverse community and rich history. This wonderful town has so much to offer! Looking to continue your education or do you possibly have a recent graduate? Tucson is home to The University of Arizona, which is situated in the heart of the city.

Do you love the warm weather but don’t necessarily like the beach? Temperatures here reach a scorching 100° or higher! For those that enjoy “going and doing”, you will be happy to know that there is always something happening in Tucson. With plenty of things to do and places to see, this city will not leave you bored. Historical sites, such as the 18th Century Spanish mission San Xavier del Bac, and museums such as the Sonora Desert Museum, lead the way for those who love history and architecture. There is even a thriving art scene within the city! Tucson really does have it all and it is evident everywhere you turn. By now, I’m assuming you are wondering just how you can get yourself to Tucson to stay. Below is a list of Tucson new home builders for you to choose from. Many of these builders even offer new homes and new home communities not just in Tucson, but throughout the surrounding areas and the whole state of Arizona. Visit each of these builders to find all of the information that you need to make your decision, including details about production materials, land development methods and/or if their a custom home builder. You will also find information about the different homes that they build and everything else you need to know to make an informed decision, including their building practices, warranties, energy efficiency efforts and community locations. The possibilities are endless!



We want to build you the Tucson area home you’ve always dreamed of. The home that’s been coming together in your imagination for years. The backdrop of your future memories. And we want to build it well, at a price you can afford. This is the idea that has driven our work since 1957, and the reason we set our standards high. During construction, we use dependable building materials and implement a building process that features a number of checkpoints and inspections. And we offer a 10-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind (see KB Home Limited Warranty for full details). We’re not satisfied until you feel your experience has been a 10. It’s all part of KB Home’s everyday commitment to providing quality homes and outstanding customer service.”


Pepper Viner Homes promise rapid completion of projects, as they can feel the excitement of shifting to a new home. Green building is their motto, and their beautiful homes speak louder than words. They have been awarded Best Home Builder of Southern Arizona consecutively for five years. Clients can customize their home interiors with Pepper Viner in a flexible program.


Tucson is one of the most interesting cities in Arizona, with so many things to do that residents could spend a lifetime learning the city’s ins and outs. Home to dozens of cultural and historic sites, Tucson is also a thriving college town with branches of all major Arizona colleges, as well as military bases.The city is also starting to take advantage of it’s sunny and warm climate (there are over 300 full days of sun each year) to increase it’s output of solar and other alternative energies.A bustling transport hub and one of the largest cities in Arizona, Tucson is home to a number of notable historical figures in the arts.


Specialists in new home constructions, remodeling, maintenance, solar installation and many more- Tuhavi Corporation of builders provides one-stop services for those looking for a new home. They also have handyman services for maintenance of homes in Green Valley, Tucson, and surrounding locations. Their professionalism, customer care, and craftsmanship are just some of their aspects that they are proud of.


With more than 85,000 homes built, our focus, since day one, has been to build incredible new homes and communities in prime locations for fantastic prices


Real estate tycoons Morrison Homes and Taylor Woodrow merged businesses in 2007. Today, their joint venture is one of America’s largest building homes for entire communities. Tucson, Scottsdale, Arizona houses the headquarters of this house building giant. They realize that clients invest their life savings and dreams in their homes. Hence, they are committed to building the best and most unique homes.