Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona. Located just 15 miles away from Phoenix in Maricopa County, Mesa is full of fun things to do and see. No matter the occasion, there is always a place in Mesa to celebrate. Like most of Arizona, Mesa boasts year-round sunshine and several months of enjoyable weather. There are always events, festivals, and outdoor activities to visit. Tourist flock to Mesa for the hugely popular and beloved Chicago Cubs Spring Training.

Below is a list of Mesa home builders. Many of these builders offer new homes and new home communities in several areas throughout the city and state. You will find details about many national new home builders and local home builders. Visit each builder online to learn more about the homes they build including their building practices, warranties, energy efficiency efforts and community locations.


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Real estate tycoons Morrison Homes and Taylor Woodrow merged businesses in 2007. Today, their joint venture is one of America’s largest building homes for entire communities. They realize that clients invest their life savings and dreams in their homes. Hence, they are committed to building the best and most unique homes.


Were one to describe Mesa, the best description that comes to mind is “a large city with a long history”. Mesa’s history goes back over 2,000 years to the original builders of the city’s canals, the Hokokam, and while the city has gone through many historical epochs, Mesa today is a modern municipality large enough that it’s usually considered divided between East and West Mesa. Home to some of the country’s most important historic destinations, Mesa is a city that is built on the foundation of history with one eye focused firmly toward the future.