Why New Homes Can Be More Affordable

Miniature house model on top of USD | Affordable Housing

Home builders such as LGI Homes understand that the cost of renting a property is simply too high for the average American. We can offer you a number of damning statistics to prove the point: First-time homebuyers make up just 32 percent of homeowners, the lowest rate since 1987. 42 percent of Millennials live with … Read more

Tax Benefits of Homeownership

In addition to the benefits of owning vs. renting that we outlined above, there are financial benefits beyond the accumulation of equity that make homeownership a positive step toward your future financial health and stability. Most of these benefits have to do with taxes, which are structured by the federal government in a way that … Read more

Borrower News Lower Limits on FHA Loans

October 1st marked the first day of the newly-lowered FHA loan limits, which are expected to impact the borrowing abilities of buyers in some of the nation’s most expensive housing districts. FHA loans, which are essentially loans guaranteed by the federal government via the Federal Housing Administration, are popular loan choices with individuals who are … Read more