New Home Builders in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the most desirable areas to live in the United States. It features excellent schools, housing, and a low unemployment rate. It consistently ranks towards the top of livability rankings. You’ve probably heard the term “Minnesota Nice.” It refers to the unique brand of niceness that Minnesotans are known for. After moving to Minnesota, don’t be surprised by how kind your neighbors are. It’s just the way they do things over there.

Top Minnesota House Builders


Since its inception in 1984, LGI Homes has been assisting consumers in realizing their dream of homeownership as a premier provider of home and community amenities. They know that hardworking individuals and families deserve the good life because they have more than 50,000 families living happily in homes they can call their own. That is why, via LGI Homes network of professionals, they have dedicated their business to developing high-quality new homes and offering excellent service.


There are many reasons people choose to buy a new home: to move up to a better place, find a house with a certain style or layout, or just to get out of the city. Lennar is one of the most popular builders in America and offers communities to suit everyone. Their homes are in some of the nation’s most popular cities, and they cater to all lifestyle choices and family dynamics.

The Parker rendering

Highmark Builders

Highmark knows the importance of setting goals for oneself. The original Highmark logo was inspired by mountains, reminding their team to always reach to the highest potential. Their hard work and dedication quickly became known as one of the top builders in the Twin Cities area.

Destiny Homes

Destiny Homes is committed to helping families realize their dream of homeownership. They believe in a strong economy and they pour themselves into this belief. Destiny Homes goes beyond building living spaces – they are committed to helping families achieve economic stability. This is achieved through the process of homeownership. Destiny Homes is passionate about this process and committed to its success for the sake of workers, communities, and the country as a whole.

Brandl Anderson omes

Brandl Anderson is ready to help you with your move. Finding a new home in an unfamiliar town can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why their “Quick Move” homes are designed for any customer. You can either find a home that’s already been completed or one that will soon be finished. When you’re ready to find your dream home, just reach out to Brandl Anderson.

Key Land Homes

With Key Land Homes, you’re not just getting a new home. You’re becoming part of their family. Key Land Homes is a family-run business that’s been in the industry since 1983. They take pride in their work and they know that you’ll love your new home. So when you buy a home from them, you’re not just getting a house – you’re getting a Key Land Home.