The Light Remodel

As the weather becomes warmer, you may be reconsidering the decor of your home.
What can you do if cost may be an issue? Your home’s appearance can change dramatically with one simple focus: lighting. By making some small changes to your home’s lighting scheme you may be surprised at the transformation and how lightly it affects your budget.

To begin, you’ll need to evaluate your lighting needs. To do this, assess the home’s lighting situation by checking how much light currently exists around your home, including the exterior of the home.

Look to see if lighting is sufficient inside (say, for reading), and outside for safety viewing walk ways and stairs. Check how much natural light is entering your home and whether you may be inhibiting it from getting in. Open curtains and draw shades to let in the sun’s light. Don’t forget to clean windows. By doing these things you’ll liven up the home and even lower your energy bill.

New fixtures may be necessary to maximize the efficiency of the lighting scheme. If you’re an empty nester, lamps with rocker switches, which are large enough to be operated with ease, may be a good idea. For busy homeowners, fixtures that are low maintenance and easy to clean may be the way to go. Look for lights that are easily changed. Although ceiling lights with bulb covers are nice-looking, changing them is often difficult. When a bulb burns out, if the cover is dirty, the proper amount of light won’t be emitted.

Work areas and areas with heavy traffic could use extra lighting. This would include the kitchen, living room, and a home office. Since eye trouble can result from reading in poor lighting, place your favorite chair near a window, or add lamps to the place you enjoy reading.

An extra tip: nightlights installed throughout the home will reduce the likelihood of injury during a late-night trip to the bathroom or refrigerator.