Shea Homes a Top Privately Owned Residential Home Builder

Shea Homes LogoIt all started in 1881 when John F. Shea founded the J.F. Shea plumbing company in Portland, OR. The 1910s marked Charlie Shea’s induction into the company. He helped his father, John F. Shea, to achieve bigger dreams. Gilbert and Edmund, Charlie’s two sons, soon joined the team.

The tenacity of the Shea family and their dedicated employees gave shape to their dreams that manifested the Owyhee irrigation tunnels in Idaho, as well as the Portland Seawall on the Oregon coast, which came to fruition in the 1920s. It was also during this time that Shea Construction began constructing the Mokelumne Pipeline in San Francisco’s East Bay as a pioneering effort.


The 1930s marked a new epoch of achievement for Shea, as it moved headquarters to Los Angeles. J.F. Shea Company ascended to a watermark of architectural excellence via the tunnels for the Tennessee Valley Authority and the pier work on the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, the Interstate Highway System that connects one coast to another is also a product of Shea’s relentless effort and innovation. Shea’s dam projects in Long Valley, CA and at the Hoover Dam in Nevada stand strong against the flow of time.

By the time the Second World War ended, the J.F. Shea Company had entered a new domain of expertise: shipbuilding and canal projects to aid the U.S. military during the war. The year 1942 was a sad one for Shea. Charlie passed on, leaving behind a spectacular legacy of architectural marvels.

The Era of Expansion

As the ’50s ended, the company veered toward supplying concrete aggregate to the Clear Creek Tunnel project. The revenue of the company was an easy $1 billion by this time. In 1958, John, Peter, and Edmund Shea took the lead and once again drove Shea higher. This same year saw the birth of Shasta Electric Inc., and this division became the leading name as a full-service electrical contractor for the entire heavy industrial market in the U.S.

J.F. Shea brought “The Decade of Diversification” with the founding of Shea Homes in the 1960s. Today, Shea Homes stands proudly amidst thousands of homebuilders in the country. You can spot Shea’s creations in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, and Texas. The next 30 years saw tremendous growth in the Venture Capital Division’s profits that funded the growth of Shea Homes.

Shea acquired Reed Manufacturing, a gunite manufacturing company, in the ’70s. Soon, the company saw a deluge of new tunneling projects that kept this new division, and others, busy.

Consolidation in Real Estate

The 1980s flew past with new projects for Shea Homes and Shea Properties that prospered under the Shea banner. It was also during the 1980s that Shea Homes saw record sales and outdid all other homebuilding companies of that era. Shea became a legacy originating from its humble homebuilding beginnings.

The acquisition phase came alive once again in 1997 when Shea purchased Mission Viejo Company. This also included plots in Aliso Viejo and Mission Viejo, CA. In 1998, Shea made history by acquiring UDC Homes. Additionally, Shea utilized the economic boom and created Shea Mortgage, while founding new design centers in every division.

The 2000s gave Shea an uncountable number of new achievements. Shea grew and prospered while holding the hands of all its employees and clients. It soon became a benchmark of integrity, superiority, and financial strength.

Pioneers in the Engineering World

Today, it is easy to spot one of Shea’s construction projects. Be it a subway extension or an underground station project, Shea is there to take the helm and complete the job. From New York to Los Angeles, you can see us build dreams out of thin air. We handle everything from turnpike projects in Pennsylvania to tunnels in Indiana.

Shea is giving a new meaning to home-building and finance-friendly housing for hundreds of communities around the U.S. The brains at Shea do not believe in taking a break; each free minute goes into research and development, to elevate building processes and material achievement. This company has kept 135 years’ worth of experience alive by blending modern amenities and traditional architectural quality.

Shea works hard to impress every client by pushing the potential and reach for every project a step further.

Shea Homes: Building for YOU

Shea has seen many difficulties over the decades. Amidst it all, the people of Shea strive to give something back to the country and every community it serves. Shea’s team members love what they do, building homes for thousands of Americans each year. The recession put a dent in things and lasted FAR too long, but 2017 should see America humming along again.

Shea has been moving forward embracing new technology for faster and safer construction, but we have not forgotten the 135 years of tradition and experience we have under our belt. Each Shea home requires dedication, hard work, and zeal to do something great for clients and future homeowners. The motto for Shea Homes is simple: You, the client, dream of a home, and the remarkably talented family of Shea builds it for you.