Safest Communities in Phoenix to Buy a New Home

Understandably, the notion of safety first holds very true when purchasing a new home. As American home owners and parents, it is imperative that children are raised in a community and in an environment where the crime rate is minimal and law enforcement units are sharp and snappy. You will not see this in Ferguson, MO or in other crime laden neighborhoods!

While some parts of Phoenix, just like any other city, have earned a reputation for being unsafe and crime ridden, there are, contrastingly, some neighborhoods in Phoenix which are very safe, homely, and where you and your family can live undaunted.

We have done the homework for you and we bring to you some of the safest communities in Phoenix (in terms of both violent crimes and property crimes) to live in.

Gilbert, Arizona

Bird eye view of the safest community Gilbert , AZ

There is sound reason as to why the city of Gilbert is at the top of our list of safest communities in the sprawling metropolitan area of Phoenix. In fact, it has in the past even been termed the second saintliest city across the country courtesy of its low crime rate, particularly, its low theft rate.

As per numbers published by the City Scout, the annual average in terms of violent crimes in Gilbert is 196 and the average number of property crimes per year is 3,503. For a lay person, those numbers may not seem very impressive and may not portray the bigger picture accurately because they have no reference.

Therefore, in order to put things into perspective, what that translates to is that the odds of you being a victim of violent crime as a resident of Gilbert, Arizona is 1 in 1,173 which is drastically low when contrasted with the average across all of Arizona which is 1 in 240.

As further impetus to purchase a home in the budding and friendly community of Gilbert, we should not fail to mention the emphasis the community of Gilbert places on education. Currently, they boast a graduation rate of 92% and the city is very community centric and so they have maintained parks which are in impeccable condition all year round and which are home to several events and festivals that bring the community together in celebration and purpose.

It may be too hot half the year to attend these types of events but you can always check out a movie in an A/C theater. Also, you are easy driving range of the Tempe Festival of the Arts which is incredible and is held twice a year – certainly not in the summer time.

Paradise Valley, Arizona

A Hiker Sitting on Top Of The Desert Trail in Paradise Valley, Arizona

Paradise Valley is a comparatively smaller neighborhood which is nicely tucked in between the Piestewa Peak Park and Phoenix Mountains Preserve. If the stunning views aren’t reason enough to purchase a home in this lovely little community, then you must know that it is highly reputed as one of the safest neighborhoods in the Phoenix area too.

The fact that Paradise Valley is one of the safest neighborhoods in the Phoenix metropolitan area can largely be attributed to its remote and strategic location. For the most part, only other fellow home owners and visitors usually drive by or through this community because of its location which not only makes it safe, but also quiet, peaceful and serene. Thanks to exactly these characteristics of the neighborhood, several celebrities have purchased real estate here, namely, Mohammed Ali, Steve Nash, and Alice Cooper.

Paradise Valley is a small neighborhood which at this time only houses 13,387 residents. Coming to the numbers, there are only 13 violent crimes on average annually and only 216 property crimes. The odds of you, as a resident of Paradise Valley, being the victim of a violent crime is only 1 in 1,030.

Buckeye, Arizona

Happy Group pf kids running in a green field Buckeye is growing and it is growing fast. Just over the past decade, it has gone from 6,000 to a staggering 56,683. The reason homes in this area are in such high demand is twofold – first, it is very accessible from the downtown Phoenix area (a 30 minute drive) and secondly, because it is arguably the safest suburb in all of western Phoenix.

And because people continue to leave high tax and immoral California. Economically and ethically, California is falling into the Pacific Ocean and neighborhoods in the Phoenix area are benefiting. California is slowing destroying itself because of political correctness but this is another topic.

In fact, to cater to the many residents of Buckeye, the state government is currently working on a construction project which involves the development of a lake that will serve as a getaway for residents during Arizona’s scorching summer months.

The annual average in terms of violent crime is only 49. The chances of a Buckeye resident becoming the victim of a violent crime are very low at 1 in 1,157. Your home, cars, and other property will also be relatively safe in Buckeye considering that the annual average in terms of property crimes is just 1 in 1,336.

For younger couples who are more in favor of living in a larger, more culturally diverse and happening neighborhood which at the same time is very safe, Buckeye is a no-brainer. Furthermore, the economic affordability of real estate and also the cost of living in Buckeye is very reasonable indeed – another factor which has resulted in the steady growth of both the strength and the infrastructure of the Buckeye community.

Scottsdale, Arizona

waterfront condos for sale in Scottsdale , one of the safest communities in Arizona

It is no secret that families are attracted to Scottsdale given its reputation for being a very artistic and creative community with unorthodox architecture and its many museums.

Furthermore, it is also home to the ever popular, once a year, Scottsdale Arts Festival which is fantastic but nowhere near the Tempe Festival of the Arts as already mentioned which is only about 20 minute drive from Scottsdale. The Tempe Festival of the Arts is incredible and held twice a year as mentioned before. The art shows shown in movies and TV are not nearly as prolific as the Tempe Festival of the Arts.

Scottsdale is, not unlike Buckeye, also a larger community and has a vibrant nightlife. Turning to the crime statistics, Scottsdale fares much better than most other parts of Phoenix. The annual average of violent crimes is 357 and the annual average of property crimes is 5,797. These numbers, we concede, are slightly higher than some of the other neighborhoods which have featured in the list so far, but you must note that it is mostly because of the fact that Scottsdale is a much larger community with a lot many more people living in it.

Scottsdale has had to deal with Mike Tyson as well which invokes some humorous stories for the residents here. Tyson has met the Scottsdale police department.

The odds of a Scottsdale resident being the victim of a violent crime are over three times more favorable than the state average in Arizona. Scottsdale is a nice area!

Other neighborhoods worth looking up in terms of some of the safest communities to purchase a home in are North Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Florence, Queen Creek, and Goodyear.