New Home Features Trending 2011

The current trend in home features is smaller, more intimate homes, as well as the disappearance of some of the home’s most traditional rooms. With lingering uncertainty about the economy, among other things, creating a shift in buyer priorities, homebuyers are refocusing on “green” homes (built as such from the start), as well as affordable architecture, and space-centric design that works with modern lifestyles. Here are some features that deserve special consideration for your home.

  • The kitchen is where most designers want their money to go, since it’s one of the busiest rooms in the house. A large kitchen with an island is a must for move-up buyers; granite countertops are a plus.
  • The most highly-touted green features in a home are energy efficient appliances and insulated high efficiency windows. Also desirable is the use of recycled materials throughout the home.
  • Many people are opting for a home office or study area. This room is favored in lieu of a formal dining room or home theater, which are less sought after by today’s buyers.
  • A feature gaining in popularity, especially among empty-nesters, is the main floor master suite. The rising popularity of these lower-level suites has even driven down demand for the once-popular upstairs laundry.
  • In areas with warmer climates, ceiling fans are great savers of both energy and money. Broad choices in design and style mean they can be incorporated into almost any decorating scheme.
  • Time was when stucco and vinyl exteriors were not only acceptable but the norm. Now, buyers are leaning toward a more custom appearance. Thus, stone and brick have gained favor, and provide a sophisticated touch to a home’s exterior and main entrance.
  • The two-car garage has become standard, but a multicar garage that will park three is trending, for the sake of storage space as well as for housing vehicles.