M/I Homes: A Story of Success, Trust, and Care that Leads Us to the Top

M/I Homes for sale Irving and Melvin Schottenstein founded M/I Homes in early 1976 with an aim of making dream homes for Americans. Forty years and 100,000 homes later, M/I is the proud leader of home building in the U.S.

M/I is a national leading builder in the single-family home marketplace. It believes in transparency, value, and quality. Since the beginning of the journey, M/I has been making marvelous homes that epitomize innovative architecture and superior quality.

This home-building business believes in maintaining transparency with its clients by offering a close look at the home building process. The way M/I Homes puts it: “We think that the more you know about our ventures, the more comfortable you will be buying from us.”

What Makes M/I Homes Different?

One of the key factors that set M/I Homes aside from others in this cutthroat industry is the location of its homes. Most M/I Homes exist in stellar school districts with easy access to shopping centers and other pivotal requirements that families desire.

Among its most successful new projects are the new communities in the following areas:

  • Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas
  • Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • The Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C.

The M/I Homes Philosophy of Real Estate

M/I Homes believes that most of its success comes from you, the customer. The firm has grown thanks to customer trust and goodwill. M/I instills a feeling of care in its associates, and when an organization has happy employees, those workers tend to work harder.

M/I Homes captures its client focus thanks to a unique mentality. Every time a key decision-making process arises, M/I asks the question, “If this were my new home for the next couple of decades, would I be satisfied?” The company instills a feeling of care in every step of the home-building process. This is probably why M/I is one of the best in the business.

The journey does not end with the closure of the home-buying process; a long-lasting relationship has just begun. In fact, if you have any questions about your new home, M/I Homes’ Customer Care Executives and Warranty Specialists are always available to help you find answers.

M/I Homes reached the pinnacle of real estate and construction with a simple philosophy: “Always treat the customer right.” This has helped strengthen the bonds with associates and buyers for over 40 years, which has unequivocally resulted in undeterred success in the national home-building front.

M/I Homes builds homes for people all over the nation, for every taste and budget. Each of its homes offers smart engineering and up-to-date architecture, all with precision and class. M/I has built homes for newly empty nesters, just-married couples, and everyone in between.

What Makes M/I Homes Special?

M/I  believes in Whole Home Building Standards. A home built utilizing these standards will save an owner as much as 30% on utility costs for decades to come. All the best features of the home of your dreams exist on the M/I Homes website. Browse floor plans, compare features, and build your own archive of favorites to envision your future home. The only limit is your imagination.

M/I makes shopping for your home convenient, fun, and affordable. Your home will surely be worth what you spend, as every dollar spent is justified by the superior materials used and the advanced engineering techniques that keep your home safe and strong. M/I Homes helps you realize that your dream home is not an expense; it’s an investment.

The Personal Touch Brought to the Real Estate Business by M/I Homes

M/I Homes’ projects have threaded families together for more than four decades. Moreover, each one of its services has one primary goal: to provide buyers with their own home that titillates the senses. Other builders have tried time and again to give buyers similar styles in similar locations, but they fall short of invoking that personal touch that M/I Homes continues to display by adding personality to the homes of its clients.

Homes Standing Out Amidst a Concrete Jungle or Sprawling Suburbia

No builder has ever been able to meet M/I standards of craftsmanship and commitment. It is more than just blueprints and hard hats; the care and attention to detail put into each project are the reasons the finished products stand above the competition. Each home instills trust that keeps buyers delighted.