LGI Homes – Making Homes Affordable for All

LGI Homes logoBased in Texas, LGI Homes was formed in 2003 with a focus on building entry-level houses for first-time home buyers.

Although the real estate market collapse of 2008 affected the entire sector, LGI Homes was among the few that suffered less in comparison to others and was in fact the only builder named in the Top-200 builders by Builder Magazine to witness revenue growth and unit sales in the period of 2006-2009.

The company had started a partnership with Interlinc Mortgage Inc. in 2006, which it then exited in 2010. LGI Homes took over Oakmont Home Builders in 2014 and expanded their business into New Mexico, South Carolina, and North Carolina. That year was a golden one for the company as it managed to close a total of 2,357 homes. They continued expanding, and reached Colorado in 2015.

Today, LGI Homes is counted among the top 15 home builders in the United States and has a rating of A+ given by the Better Business Bureau. Their areas of operation now include Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington.

What makes LGI Homes Different?

LGI Homes, in their own words, “doesn’t just build houses, it builds homes.” This company has earned success by making housing affordable for all, as home buyers do not have to compromise on quality or location and can buy a LGI home for prices that often make it cheaper than staying in rented accommodations. There are several factors that make LGI Homes a leader in the industry, and these include:

  • Customer support: The company provides every customer with representatives who are experts in the field, and provide all the required assistance needed in the decision-making process and provide support till the home buyer zeroes in on a property.
  • A unique model of construction: The building model of LG Homes is such that they purchase, plan, and develop land to build their new home communities by adapting a streamlined process. Since the plan includes cost-effective measures while using construction practices and materials at par with more expensive houses, it lets the company offer homes at an affordable rate.
  • Exemplary products used: Any housing structure is made true and valuable with the materials used for building it, and these aspects decide how durable the home is. At LGI Homes, they use quality materials and products so that home buyers are investing in a high-quality construction. Everything from the concrete, wood, and steel to the paint are of premium quality, and the houses are built without cutting corners. This is the reason why the company offers a 10-year structural warranty on its houses and a one-year warranty on many other components. If a home buyer needs some repair work done within the warranty period, prompt and satisfactory services come with the package. The company also keeps energy efficiency in mind during construction and uses appliances and sustainable products that will help keep the homeowners’ energy bills to a minimum throughout the home’s tenure or lifespan.
  • Tremendous workers: Since the workforce plays a vital role in construction, the company hires the best workers all the way from craftsmen to the managerial levels, all of whom work together to create fine, impressive structures every time. Customers receive benefits such as well-designed floor plans, custom cabinetry, quality appliances, beautiful front and back yards, dual-car garages, and so on. Professionalism and discipline are major factors behind LGI Homes who maintain a strong bond with every employee and partner they employ and work with, respectively.
  • Appealing communities: Since the majority of LGI Homes’ customers are people looking to buy their first home, the company works to accommodate the unique needs of such clients. The new home communities offered by the brand include highly visible aspects such as playgrounds, community sporting areas, trails, convenient locations, and even fishing lakes. Customers attain a substantial range of options to choose from and with a fair price can move into their first home while leaving the rent paying game.

Special Offerings by LGI Homes 

In another move that sets them apart from the rest, LGI Homes also constructs premier communities for active adults designed to meet the needs and suit the lifestyles of such people. Houses in these communities are built to give home buyers an ideal location to live in while being surrounded by outstanding attributes such as dining and shopping options, medical facilities, large airports, entertainment venues, educational institutions, and fantastic schools for children.

For those looking to spend their best years in a facility that offers luxurious components and space without destroying your bank account, these communities should rise to the top of your list. The areas are marked by beautifully maintained open spaces, which include grounds for golfing, biking, hiking, and tennis.

As is the characteristic of LGI Homes, houses in such communities are also offered at an affordable rate, which is currently available with a zero-down payment and $799 per month (with a few terms and conditions). That is impressive even during this 2009 to 2016 economic recession that most people have been dealing with. That is a very reasonable price.

These homes have been designed to be energy-efficient so that owners can enjoy every concept without having to worry about leaving a large carbon footprint or raking up massive electricity bills on a monthly basis. No one wants that! If your first home with a fixed budget is what you are looking for right about now, LGI Homes is the home builder you should be considering.