Home Safety for Homeowners and Renters

It’s May 2011. Do you know where your safety standards are? That’s right, it’s Building Safety Month again, the annual fete of codes, safety and awareness sponsored by the International Code Council Foundation, or ICCF. Whether you’re a builder, a real estate agent, a homeowner, or a renter, this month-long safety focus provides the perfect opportunity to consider your own role in achieving and maintaining safety in your home and workplace.

With 11 states proclaiming May to be Building Safety Month, along with a number of local jurisdictions, chances are decent that you may find in-person events being hosted near you. Even if you don’t, BuildingSafetyMonth.org, the event’s central website, includes a number of helpful materials for residents of both single-family and multi-family dwellings, that can be used to evaluate and address home safety concerns. These include:

  • The Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist, which offers a succinct guide to seasonal check-up and maintenance tasks.
  • The Disaster Safety and Mitigation Tips, that includes advice on how to prepare your family for possible weather-related disasters.
  • Fire Safety and Awareness Tips, which have been collated to help residents decrease the likelihood of having an in-home fire.
  • Finally, the Backyard Safety Tips sheet, which includes important guidelines on pool, deck and grilling safety.

The event’s website also features a children’s page, where kids can learn about home safety, and the how building codes work to keep people and families safe.

Beyond personal safety, Building Safety Month is also designed to promote the role that building codes and permits play in obviating safety risks in the home and workplace. While many in the home sales, construction and remodeling business can sometimes see permit paperwork and stringent codes as expensive and inconvenient, the ICCF reminds everyone that the advancement of building regulations have helped people avoid some of the most catastrophic consequences of building-construction failures and hazards.

The International Code Council Foundation is an international association focused on building safety, energy efficiency and fire prevention. The association has promoted the monthly safety event for over 30 years. This year the event will focus on four separate themes of building safety and efficiency: Energy & Green Building, Disaster Safety and Mitigation, Fire Safety & Awareness, and Backyard Safety.