Farmer’s Homeowner’s Insurance

Farmer’s Homeowner’s Insurance

Serving the needs of clients since 1928, the Farmer’s Insurance company grew from a simple auto insurance company for active farmers, to become one of the nation’s largest and most trusted insurance companies. Offering a wide array of services, from homeowner’s insurance to renter’s insurance, automobile coverage to life insurance, Farmer’s insurance clients reap the benefits of a company built on solid principles that have stood the test of time—despite broader economic difficulties.

Their homeowner’s insurance offerings cover home damage, loss and damage of personal possessions, liability coverage should others be injured in your home, and loss of income from rental property damages (or cost of living coverage due to damage to your primary home). The insurance giant also offers specialty, earthquake, and flood insurance, giving homeowners the peace of mind that only a reputable, established company like Farmer’s can give.

In all cases, Farmer’s agents will work with you and your special situation to compose an insurance package that addresses all of your coverage needs, without hassle, pressure or excessive expense.

Quick Farmers Group, Inc. Facts

CEO: Robert “Bob” Woudstra
Corporate Headquarters: 4680 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010
Parent: Zurich Financial Services