10 of the Best Master Planned Communities in the Phoenix Area

Multi Generation Family Walking In Park Together Have you been looking forward to move into Phoenix anytime soon? As a resident, you may want to choose a master planned community that promises to fulfill your requirements and matches your lifestyle proclivities.

Master planned communities are typical reforms to the structural embodiment of a particular township or land mark that cease to make its erstwhile identity available, while revamping and curating, a whole new one for it.

What is a Master Planned Community?

When a deliberate thought is put to work, when planning and constructing a community, literally from scratch, a master planned community takes shape. Now as to the question of why you should be looking out for your new place, in a master planned community, you will find that these places are much more compatible with your lifestyle needs and landscape styles.

These neighborhoods are typically designed and created to suit the needs of the people of the community, thus making it the perfect place for you to reside and start a family.

Which Townships in Arizona, Meet the Requirement of Master Planned Communities?

If you are looking forward to start a life in Arizona, one of these top ten places in the city should do. There is charm in every one of these communities and how you adapt to make any one of these choices work for you depends on your predilection and inner spark. Anyone of these communities could be your oyster in the desert.

Power Ranch
Power Ranch Master Planned Community SignHaving won numerous awards, this particular master planned community is touted to be the best among them all. Located at a short distance from the Phx-Mesa Gateway airport, most of the homes in this locality are basement style homes or town homes. Among the several amenities available in the township are parks, trails, splash fountains, club house, pools, and more. It has a feasible HOA monthly fee structure, which we are sure, will suit your pocket easily.

The Boulders
The Boulders with Best golf course among the Master planned communitiesLocated near Tom Darlington Drive, The Boulders is a place where people carry out a carefree lifestyle, for which this place has also won numerous awards and recognition as a major master planned community. Boulder resorts and golf courses, allow an active lifestyle for the people over here. A thriving market place that exudes charm, which offers upscale shopping avenues and entertainment opportunities. Open air courtyards plan to make evenings exciting for the resident, who take time to splurge out on the extravagant facilities of this community.

copperwyndThis master planned community is found near the North Eagle Ridge Drive, surrounded with lavish residences and extravagant amenities. Many activities, such as fitness centers, sports centers and fine dining experiences, make this place a hub for commercial conveniences. Special events are held from time to time, leaving the people in climactic anticipation of upcoming events.

DC Ranch

One of the Best Master Planned Communities , DC RanchLocated at Thompson Peak Parkway, this community sprawls under the foot of the McDowell Mountains, making this ranch a desired place to live to all sorts of people. It has a huge area devoted to recreational activities and the family oriented design of this community, draws many people to its hub.

Dove Valley Ranch

Dove Valley Ranch, A perfect place to be called as Master Planned CommunitiesLocate at the North Dove Lakes Drive, what you will find at this community are beautiful and alluring residential complexes, with an unending beauty of the surrounding landscape. Many recreational activities can be chosen by the people who live here, the most popular activity to engage in is golf.

McCormick Ranch

Homes for sale in McCormick Ranch | Master Planned CommunitiesLocated at the Scottsdale road, this particular community has evolved through a ground breaking transformation into the land that it is today. This ranch contains some of the finest and most alluring residential places in the valley. There are fine bike paths, fine dining opportunities, tennis courts, lakes, and many other amenities that will satisfy almost anyone who chooses McCormick Ranch as their place to invest themselves to live. You can experience luxury and relaxed living at this Ranch simultaneously.

Troon North, Troon Village

Homes for sale in Master planned communitiesThe North Windy walk drive is decorated in anticipation of this highly extravagant and well maintained location that offers an upscale living experience, with its golf courses and friendly neighborhoods. Luxury homes engulf this area and it commands an enticing view of the surrounding areas. You cannot miss out on the luxury views offered that are panoramic in nature.

Biltmore Estates

There should be an orchard in every master planned communityLocated at the East Arizona Biltmore Circle, this particular community includes an extravagant living style and affluent residential homes that can allure just about anyone. This community surrounds the Arizona Biltmore Resort, and with all its homes and villas, falling in love with this community is easy to do. No one will spite you for doing so, that is for sure! The community also promises to offer a variety of facilities and recreational avenues to its fantastic residents. You can choose to enjoy them or remain mainly on your own property, no one will question you either way.


Ocotillo Master Planned community Landscape viewLocated on Queen Creek Road, this community has a construction pattern that is impressive. Sprawling across a huge landscape and winding pathways, this community has an extravagant water featured landscape that is stunning and gorgeous in this dark yellow and light brown part of the country. Lakes and water features are a regular component of this community which are marvelous in design. This community is further used not only for residential purposes but also for commercial purposes. Many business opportunities are also popping up in this area.


Tramonto Master planned community signLocated near the Carefree Highway, this community has single family residences and various prime sites that are used for building custom homes. Amenities available for the residents include a joined retail town center, a hotel, and many other structural entertainment and facilitative features that make living in this community desirable and extraordinary. There are friendly people here and the tranquility is profound.

Final Thoughts

As to why you should be looking out for a master planned community, there is not just one answer to this monumental question. For one, you have some level of organization. You know what you are getting into. You could be living near people which similar goals as you and thought patterns. You have to admit, you all chose to live in an area that has a certain theme to it. The things to do in the planned community are other attributes that could draw your interest. This is a major decision but with the harmony these types of communities maintain, it is a smart and safe bet to make.