What are the Benefits of Home Insurance?

New Shea Home - Do you have insurance?
Benefits of Getting Home Insurance on your new house.

Your home is certainly your castle, and even kings in the days of yore knew that protecting their castles (be it by moat, knight or tar) was part of being a smart owner. These days, marauders may not be as much of an issue, but theft, burglary, natural disasters and the occasional plumbing mishap are still threats to the sanctity of our home, and the sanity of our finances. For most homeowners, buying home insurance to cover their home and their belongings isn’t just good sense—it’s a necessity when it comes to sleeping well at night.

The benefits of home insurance are legion, and they start with the sense of comfort you have when you know that you’re protected against life’s inevitable crises. Whether a faulty electrical wire starts a fire, or a hailstorm damages your roof, your insurance coverage is there to keep you from losing sleep, losing time, and losing money should something happen to your home.

Additional benefits of new home insurance include:

1. Coverage of your belongings against theft and damage
2. Protection from personal liability should someone get hurt while in your home
3. Protection from legal expenses should someone sue you after being hurt in your home-based
4. Loss of use or loss of income should your primary or rental residences become uninhabitable

Obviously, with this sort of coverage, your sleep at night will surely be peaceful. As if this weren’t enough, though, some home insurance companies have more to offer, such as:

1. Protection against identity theft
2. Supplemental coverage for firestorms, earthquakes or floods
3. 24/7 claims services
4. 24/7 emergency home repair services

As you can see, homeowner’s insurance isn’t just about fulfilling a requirement to obtain a mortgage, or playing the part of a good citizen. Carrying quality, comprehensive new home insurance is part of a functional and fruitful financial plan that protects you and your assets in case the unthinkeable, or even the accidental, happens.