5 Ways to Customize Your Home and Make it Stand-Out in a Crowd

Even if you share the same floor plan, roof line and landscape as your neighbor, you can still find ways to stand out from every other home on the block. Beyond making changes to crown molding and accent walls, giving your home a custom look on a limited budget requires planning it requires knowing what you want. From top to bottom, changes you make should be done so with a purpose.

Tips for Making a Home Stand-Out If you find that your home is getting lost in a crowd of similar houses, you may want to try customizing a few things to help your home stand out.

Here are some custom changes you can make to your home, particularly to add style to a bathroom, closet and other spaces, even if you are on a budget:

Tip 1: Eliminate additional wall niches and replace them with dark stained bookshelves. A white cutout detail on mirrored cabinet doors can hide audio and video equipment.

Tip 2: A wall screen provides an architectural element that adds sophistication to a room. Picture a wall framed with two by one inch boards. A design of three rows of four boxes each, connected with pieces of board- the whole thing painted white will pop against a darker wall.

Tip 3: Replace bathroom vanities with a chest of drawers that you would normally find in a bedroom. Spruce the chest up with paint and chrome or gold handles to give the piece a nice flair.

Tip 4: Make a storage space more accessible by taking down closet doors and adding shelving instead. Space is optimized when you remove hanging space and substitute with attractive storage nooks.

Tip 5: Provide attractive niche detail by gluing silver-leaf paper on the back. Try overlaying it with a black pattern and seal it with Modge-Podge. This will give it a wallpaper look without costing too much.