Tiger Woods’ House – $60 Million Dollar Mansion in Jupiter

Update on Tiger Woods Home – 4/2/1011


According to DailyMail.co.uk, Woods is getting ready to move into his private mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida. The mansion is rumored to be valued at about $60 million and comes complete with a running track, tennis court, gym, diving pool with lap lane and a four-hole golf course “Tiger’s practice facility”. I’m sure the interior is decked out with high-end furniture and a never ending list of attractive amenities; if the rumors are true, there’s apparently a cinema in the basement.

I wonder what the interest rate is on a $60 million dollar home.

There have been all sorts of images going around the internet for a long time purporting to be the home of Tiger Woods.  I’m not the first one to say this, but any images you see of a home owned by Tiger Woods in Hawaii are false.  It’s a wonderful looking property, for sure, but it’s not his.

Tiger Woods may be one of the most accessible golfers in the world, but he’s also the most private.  Rumor has it that he owns property in The Hamptons (see images), Florida, California, Wyoming, and Sweden, where his wife is from.  Apparently, his main home is in Florida, on Jupiter Island, with a population around 650 people, and has the highest per capita income per household anywhere in the United States.  We know (or think we know) that he paid $38 million for this property, and then promptly set aside tearing down the house that was there so he could build his own idea of what he wanted his house to look like.

There have been rumors of some of the features of the house.  Supposedly it’s a 3-bedroom house with a wine cellar, media and game room.  It also has a boat house, pool, gym, a small golf course, and a place to dock his $10 million yacht.

Tiger Woods Home in Florida

Tiger Woods Home – Photo Credit: roblongshow.com

How true is it?  No one really knows except Tiger, his wife, and the people building it.  He’s had trees put up to block visual access from the ground, since fences aren’t allowed on the island, and has asked Google to remove his house from their aerial listings.  And, it seems, no one has either tried to rent a helicopter to go take a look, or it’s banned to do so, probably because everyone has money.

Therefore, if we can’t see what it looks like, we can dream about the kind of house Tiger would have, and what kind of amenities he would add for himself.

Let’s start with the house itself.  Since he now has children, I can’t imagine he would only have a 3 bedroom house.  I envision a two-story, split level 7-bedroom mansion, with three of the bedrooms, including the master suite, not only being very large, but having their own full service bathrooms with whirlpool tubs and showers in them.  The other bedrooms will share bathrooms, but they’ll still be luxurious.

The house would have a large entry way that leads into a grand room, which has large double doors that can be opened up to let nature visit for awhile.  Because his wife is Swedish, and most men allow their wives to do a lot of the decorating when it comes to living rooms, it might contain a lot of modern Ikea furniture, probably modular so it could be moved around easily.  And, since I can’t imagine a house in Florida needing a real fireplace, there would probably be a gas fireplace installed for ambience in the evening, underneath a large flat screen TV, at least 60 inches.  Music would play throughout the house without visible speakers either; too many wires for the kids to get into.

The kitchen would have to be spectacular, with three islands, a cooking surface in the middle, and a detachable spray that could reach the stove if needed.  The kitchen would lead off to the servant’s quarters, laundry area, and garage; yeah, like there wouldn’t be servants!  The house would also have a super media room with a pool table and ping pong table, a workout room, a large playroom, an exquisite dining room, and two offices/dens, his and hers.  He might actually have a trophy room to store his awards if he doesn’t want them cluttering up his office, since he’s won so many.

The entire house would be surrounded by glass; after all, if you live on an island, and you’re secluded, who are you worried about looking in, especially since there’s probably some kind of security being paid to watch over them.  From the second story, the household would be able to see the water on both sides of the island, which means great sunrises and sunsets.

Since we know he purchased property that has a beach, the front of the house would face the beach.  I also see him moving the house closer to the beach, which puts it closer to the docks and the yacht, but there would be another good reason for doing it.

The property already had a mini golf course sitting there, but Tiger drives long, and it wouldn’t be long enough for him to practice smacking the heck out of the ball.  By moving the house, and of course by tearing down some of the other properties, he could build a larger mini-course that would accommodate at least 450 feet worth of golf drives and set up, and could actually build 3 holes that could offer different challenges.  And, of course, he’s have a putting range near the house so he wouldn’t have to go far to practice.  He’d probably have a hump or two thrown for good measure.

The property is still large enough to add a pool and a tennis court, and he’d probably add a basketball court so his friend Michael Jordan would have something to do after they hit the ball a few times.  He’s also have a big area where there would be room to build jungle jims for the kids, as well as a big area for them to just run around, kicking a ball or tossing one up in the air and swatting it.  Maybe surround it with a track of some kind to get an outdoor cardio working.

And finally, he’s have to have a boat house for his yacht, and that means a dock, where he and the kids can go fishing if they so choose.  It’s also nice having the choice of swimming in the ocean or the pool.

Yes, that’s how I see Tiger Woods house; 35,000 square feet of opulence and luxury.  What do you see?

For the past year Tiger Woods and family have been calling their $65 million estate on Gin Lane in the Hamptons home. Tiger’s new home is a 13,200 square foot house, with a 7,500 square foot guesthouse, which features a four-car garage, an oversized seaside pool with spa, a lily pond, tennis court and lush grounds with professionally maintained gardens. The house sits on six acres and provides six bedrooms,

Tiger’s Hampton neighbors include real estate developer Alfred Taubman, wedding dress designer Vera Wang, and former New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger.

So… Where does Tiger Woods Live?

It is safe to assume that depending on the time of year, and the PGA schedule, Tiger could be living in New York, Florida, Dubai, or well, anywhere in the world on his yacht.

About Tiger Woods:

Tiger was born December 30, 1975 and is regarded by many as the greatest professional golfer of all time. Last year, 2008, Tiger was the highest-paid professional athlete, having earned an estimated $110 million from tournament winnings and endorsements.

Tiger was married in October 2004 to Swedish model Elin Nordegren. On June 18, 2007 Elin gave birth to Sam Alexis, the couple’s first child. Then on February 8, 2009, Tiger and wife Elin were blessed with their second child Charlie Axel.

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