Spice Up Your Bathroom on a Budget

Photo Credit: Archomemaster.comYou can update the look of your bathroom without having to spend a fortune (it’ll only look like you did). When it comes to bathroom remodeling, planning ahead and shopping smart can make all the difference. Let’s take a look at a few ways to dramatically improve your bathroom without throwing your money down the drain.

Vanity tops – Gone are the days when granite tops were splurge items. Now, for under $200, you can find one with an attached under mounted sink. Be sure to get a vanity with a backsplash to protect the wall from water spills; it can make the room look better too. By mounting the faucet into the vanity before setting the top, you’ll avoid having to mount the faucet from underneath.

Mirror framing – Dress up a plain mirror by adding a wood or tile frame. Tile should be applied to the wall with mastic adhesive. Be sure to tape the mirror off and use a grout that is unsanded. This will help avoid scratching your mirror. You can buy a wood mirror frame or wood molding to build your own. Paint or stain your frame before installation and place scones on either side of the mirror. This will illuminate your room better than overhead lights and eliminate shadows on your face. As an added bonus, lights reflected in the mirror tend to brighten the whole room.

Extended lights – If your light fixtures are too close to the wall, the medicine cabinet may keep them from casting adequate light. Look for a light fixture with an extended neck that casts light above and in front of the mirror.

Curtain rod – A great way to save money is by installing a curved shower curtain rod instead of glass shower doors. As an additional benefit you enjoy more elbow room as the curvature adds to a sleeker look in this area.

Top it off – For $50 to $100, you can make a big impact in your bathroom with crown molding. Crown molding adds elegance and beauty. Because wood expands and contracts with variation in humidity, try urethane. Installation of urethane is easy and less expensive than wood. If you are going to use wood, just be sure to seal the backside to reduce warping.

Fancy faucet – We tend to neglect our sink faucet even though it is the most frequently used item in the house. This is the area in which we should splurge. Heavy, solid metal faucets are best. A ceramic disc valve provides the most durability (rubber washers wear out quickly). Look for a lifetime warranty with your faucet and be sure it fits the hole pattern in your sink.

Get hooked – Instead of using towel bars which can be difficult for children to use (your towels end up on the floor), install hooks. You can place more hooks where a bar would normally hang, and, yes, your towels will dry.

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