Greenprints Alliance, Bike Trails and Parks in Woodstock GA

Greenprints Alliance and the City of Woodstock GA continue to work hand in hand to improve the quality of life for residents.  A non-profit group, Greenprints Alliance, was formed to develop a city-wide park and trails plan for Woodstock.  This wide-trail system is designed for walking and biking.  The system will bring city parks together via numerous miles of trails.

Working with the City of Woodstock and Cherokee County Park System, other local volunteer groups have joined in to help with the trails.  The Cherokee County Commissioners early this year provide $5 million for the program from the 2009 Cherokee County Parks Bond that Cherokee County residents approved in 2009.

Bike trails at the Olde Rope Mill Park continue to be added through the efforts of SORBAWoodstock and other volunteers by clearing land.  Seven miles of multi-use trails are in the design stage also.  These trails will connect Olde Rope Mill Park to JJ Biello Park and Springfield Park via the Trestle Rock Trail.

If you live in the Woodstock GA area, be on the watch for all the activity.  If you are looking for a community where the quality of life continues to improve, Woodstock GA is a place to look.

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