25 Green Features An Old House Probably Doesn’t Have

25 features that make your home greenGreen has been “in” for a bit and the movement towards conservation and more responsible living is here to stay. If you’re like me, saving energy and water makes you feel good, and saving money on your monthly utility bill is an added bonus. Below is a list of high performance features that you might find missing from an older home. If you’re committed to living green, you might find that buying a new home is the best option for you.

Energy efficient microwave
Energy efficient refrigerator
Energy efficient dishwasher
Energy efficient washer
Energy efficient dishwasher
Low flow faucets
Low flow showerheads
High-efficiency toilets
CFL or LED lightbulbs
Smart irrigation systems i.e. rain sensors, automatic sprinklers
Low maintenance, climate based landscaping i.e. drought resistant plants, trees for shading and/or windbreaking
Programmable thermostats
Dual pane low-E windows
Fiber-cement products
High performance insulation (batt, expanded)
Low or No VOC paints
Properly installed air ducts in all the right places i.e. attics, garages, unfinished basements, crawl spaces
Right sized high efficiency heating and cooling systems
Energy efficient water heater i.e. solar, tankless
Lighting controls i.e. dimmers, times, motion sensors
High performance housewraps i.e. 60-minute, DuPont’s Tyvek
Solar panel roofing
Air exchanger
Airtight Building envelope (combination of proper design, construction and materials)
Homesite conservation i.e. re-planting/donating trees, reuse topsoil, use cleared wood and brush as mulch

Okay, not every new home has all 25 of these features, but most have at least a few. Nearly every new home built today is quite a bit more energy efficient than a home built last decade, or even only a few years ago.

Green building concepts have been around for years, but up until recently, they’ve only been practiced by a few builders in select locations. Today, most builders offer energy efficient features in all of their homes; some more energy conscious builders offer all 25 of these features and more.

If you’re trying to lighten your carbon footprint, don’t let the opportunity to buy a green home pass you by.

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