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Company Overview

Taylor Morrison was formed in July of 2007 when two home-building giants, Taylor Woodrow and Morrison Homes, merged and took on the Taylor Morrison name. The merger makes Taylor Morrison one of the largest home-building companies in the United States, with annual revenues of nearly $3 billion, employing approximately 1,500 individuals across its several locations around the U.S.

In 2008, the company moved its headquarters to Scottsdale, Arizona, because the largest percentage of its market was centered in the Far West at the time. The company now builds and sells homes in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Illinois, with approximately one-third of its homes being sold in the state of Texas. The company has a wide range of pricing on its homes, which fact is partly attributable to the diversity of locations where it builds, and partly due to the types of structures it constructs.

In January of 2017, Taylor Morrison Home Corporation was announced as the winner of the Most Trusted Home Builder award for the second straight year, as recognized by Lifestory Research, which is an independent market research firm. The award was based on selections provided by over 30,000 home shoppers surveyed, and is considered a genuine reflection of the company’s efforts to earn the confidence of its home-buying clients.

In 2013, the corporation went public, and is currently traded on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker designation of TMHC. Its most recent listing in the Fortune 1000 companies of the US has it positioned at #880. Financing for Taylor Morrison homes can be obtained through a company subsidiary, Taylor Morrison Home Funding, so that much of the purchase process can be self-contained within the company.

Internal organization

Within Arizona, the company operates two firmly entrenched building companies, Taylor Morrison and Darling Homes, while in most other locations, the Taylor Morrison entity prevails. In Texas, the Darling Homes division handles most of the construction efforts, with the full backing and resources of the Taylor Morrison group.

Home buyers served by these two groups include first-time buyers, upgrading buyers, custom and luxury home buyers, and senior buyers in the 55+ category, many of whom are sprinkled all across the nation. In addition to individual buyers, the company also participates in building projects which involve the creation of entire communities or subdivisions of housing, all the while striving to maintain a standard of excellence associated with the Taylor Morrison brand name.

Darling Homes

Darling Homes has a big presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as in the region surrounding Houston. Originally the brain child of three brothers who set out in 1987 to build high-quality homes with exceptional design, they joined forces with Taylor Morrison, and now have the full support of that home-building mega-company. The company emphasizes the benefits of building green in its construction techniques, providing multiple benefits to the family, budget, and the environment. Financing for Darling Homes can be obtained through the Taylor Morrison subsidiary, Taylor Morrison Home Funding.

Layouts and Amenities

Depending on the communities in which they are constructed, Taylor Morrison homes from around the country can offer a fairly wide variety of sizes and amenities. In the eastern US, sales prices average around $375,000, while the average in Texas is $450,000, and in the West, the average is close to $500,000. The overall average price of a Taylor Morrison home is somewhere around $350,000, although some homes costing upwards of $1 million have also been built for clients.

In some communities such as California’s Cottages at St. Clouds, some relatively modest units have been constructed at 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft., 1 or 2 stories, 1 to 3 baths, 1 to 3 car garages, and priced at $400,000 and up. Houses with similar dimensions and amenity packages are priced starting at $250,000 in the Chicago, Illinois area. In Charlotte, South Carolina, pricing begins around $300,000 and increases with the level of customization and amenities offered. Taylor Morrison homes built in communities of Fort Meyers, Orlando, Tampa, and Sarasota in the state of Florida are generally a bit less luxurious and have price ranges from $150,000 on up to a ceiling of $400,000.

Taylor Morrison home builder logo

Top-level management

Chief Executive Officer of Taylor Morrison is Sheryl D. Palmer
Chief Financial Officer is C. David Cone
Chief Operational Officer is Tawn Kelley

Ms. Sheryl D. Palmer

Ms. Sheryl D. Palmer

President and Chief Executive Officer

Sheryl Palmer has been the President and CEO of Taylor Morrison Inc. since August 2007 and Taylor Morrison Home Corporation since November 2012. Ms. Palmer serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Taylor Morrison and President of Taylor Morrison at Monarch Development Corporation.

Taylor Morrison Corporate Address

D.R. Horton
Corporate Headquarters
301 Commerce Street Suite 500
Fort Worth, TX 76102

(817) 390-8200

Contact information

Taylor Morrison
4900 North Scottsdale Road Suite 2000
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone Number: (480) 840-8100
Website: http://www.taylormorrison.com
Email: Email Taylor Morrison

The images and information on this page were collected from the various online websites and from Taylor Morrison’s official website. Although our team at New Homes Section attempts to keep all information about new home builder’s up-to-date and accurate, this information may change at anytime without notice. It is best to contact a sales representative of Taylor Morrison before making a purchase decision. Additionally, you can visit their website to reference another source of information about their new homes for sale and new home communities.

Taylor Morrison Corporate Offices Official D.R. Horton Company Logo (480) 840-8100
4900 N Scottsdale Rd #2000 Fort Worth, AZ 85251
Taylor Morrison’s Home Warranty Information

Taylor Morrison offers warranties on every home they build, but the home warranties they do offer are not the same in each state and for each home. Their site states:
“Every home we build is backed by one of the best limited warranties in the business. Your new home is covered for any repairs outside of normal maintenance as well as for any major structural defects. How can we do this? Simple. We can offer these assurances because we select quality materials, employ select trade partners and insist on construction techniques proven over time.”
Visit their home warranty section on www.taylormorrisson.com to learn more about the warranties they offer in the state you are buying a home in.

Taylor Morrisson Warranties

Taylor Morrison's Official Website

Quick Facts about Taylor Morrison

  • CEO – Sheryl Palmer
  • Founded by Taylor Woodrow
  • Founded in 2007
  • Public Company Traded on the NYSE: TMHC
  • CFO: C. David Cone
  • COO: Tawn Kelley
  • Divisions: Taylor Morrison & Taylor Morrison at Monarch Development Corporation
  • Corporate Offices: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Tag line: “Inspired by you”
Awards and Rankings
  • 2017 Awarded America’s Most Trusted™ Home Builder
  • 2016 Awarded America’s Most Trusted™ Home Builder
  • 2016 Ranked #8 of Builder Online 100
  • 2016 Revenue From Home Builder Operations: $2,977M
  • 2016 Home Closings: 6,311
  • 2015 Ranked #7 of Builder Online 100
  • 2015 Revenue From Home Builder Operations: $3,104M
  • 2015 Home Closings 6,796
  • 2014 Ranked #8 of Builder Online 100
  • 2014 Revenue From Home Builder Operations: $2,323M
  • 2014 Home Closings 5,829
  • 2013 Ranked #14 of Builder Online 100
  • 2013 Revenue From Home Builder Operations: $1,400M
  • 2013 Home Closings 2,933

*The data displayed above is from Builder Online’s List of the 100 top home builders in the nation. The data looks at a previous year’s activity.