List of New Home Builders in Portland

Portland is Oregon’s largest city. There are 2.3 million Portlanders who call Portland home. Founded in1845 Portland is located in Multnomah County, Clackamas County, and Washington County. Portland has wet and cold winters, and warm dry summers. Portland has a thriving steel industry that helps fuel the economy. Portland is home to steel giants Schnitzer Steel, ESCO, and Oregon Steel. Portland is diverse and rich in culture. Portland is a tourist hotspot for the quirky vibe and delicious food-to-table restaurants.

Below is a list of new home builders in Portland. Many of these builders offer new homes and new home communities in several areas throughout the state. You will find details about production home builders and custom home builders. Visit each builder to learn more about the homes they build including their building practices, warranties, energy efficiency efforts and community locations.

Top Portland House Builders

New Homes for sale in Portland by Lennar Homes

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Lennar homes has been creating custom homes since 1954 in the Northwest region. From Portland, to Vancouver to various rural locations, they continue to make a new home available in many different price ranges. Lennar believes and stands behind house they build and want to create communities not just homes. They specialize in active adult living communities.

New Homes for sale in Polygon Northwest

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Jeff Gow the founder of this company always puts customers first. His mission to help the customer through out the entire home building process and even afterwards as needed. Giving customers freedom to build the house of their dreams while helping them each step of the way. They build and maintain relationships with each client.

Pacific Lifestyle Homes

Since 1996, these homebuilders want to give you the beautiful Northwest look for you home. Making sure to keep you satisfaction high for future referrals. Pacific Lifestyle Homes have won 2 Builder of the Year awards in Clark County, and they continue to meet high standards for all of their

Portland Home Team

This team compiled of realtors and builders, who help you build and buy your dream home. They pride themselves on seeing each client through the building and buying experience. Portland Home Team is filled with agents who excel in their areas and who always work hard to get you the house you want with an easy buying

Pahlish Homes

Building homes in Oregon and Washington, this company is family owned and locally operated. They love to work closely with future homebuyers to create and build a home to love. They have always worked hard to create and maintain relationships with clients over their last 30 years service. They pride themselves in making the whole process enjoyable for everyone

Aho Construction

Building homes since 1987, they have a high satisfaction rate with 75% of sales customer referrals or repeat clients. Not only will they help you build a home, they want to make sure you can afford to live in it. Not just helping you with the building process, but they will help homebuyers plan for future operating bills and maintenance costs. They love to create communities and keep clients in their new home for the long

Renissance Homes

President Randy Sebastian grew up in Oregon City and has an extensive background in home building. Renissance Homes continues to work hard to build wonderful, green homes for their clients. Making sure that this process is easy and well planned out for each

Garrette Custom Homes

These custom homes built with homeowners in mind. They have teamed up with Pacific Lifestyles homes to build new homes in rural and urban locations for clients. Keeping in mind the needs of each client they build homes they stand

Waverly Custom Homes

At Waverly they creating beautiful Northwest homes and communities. They work hard to give clients various options while building their dream how, all within an affordable price range. They take the time to create communities and not just houses. Making sure customers have all the amenities they want in their home they work closely to build dream homes for

Blue Stone Homes

Created by an Oregon native this company works closely with each client to create custom Northwest homes. Making sure each home is build for its best use for each homeowner, Blue Stone works tirelessly with clients to make sure ever detail is just what they

Gertz Fine Homes

Each home is created with exceptional attention to detail while still maintaining an affordable price point. For over 38 years Gertz has created and built beautiful luxury homes for homebuyers in Portland Metro areas. They want to make sure each luxury home has every detail looked after, giving potential buyer peace of mind. Created by a local family who wants other families to have the best home, Gertz Fine Homes are always build specifically for each

Wes Trend Homes

A family owned and operated Oregon company that works hard to create custom homes that are affordable for everyone. Wes Trends takes pride in their communities that are fun and active. They work hard to make sure each home is attractive and

Crestwood Homes

This home building company offers pre-made plans as well as custom built homes for clients. Working closely to make changes to pre-made plans, each client can create the home they want. From small customizability to full-scale customable homes, Crestwood will always work to keep the clients needs in mind.

Hutchinson Home Builders

These builders work hard to bring newly built homes to potential homebuyers through out the Portland Metro areas. They work with their own construction company while building homes; to make sure prices are always the best. Building new homes in all price ranges from luxury to highly affordable they create new homes for families; Hutchinson has a wide variety of home building