List of New Home Builders in Santa Fe

The city of Santa Fe was originally occupied by a number of Pueblo villages with founding dates between 1050 to 1150. One of the earliest known settlements in what today is downtown Santa Fe came sometime after 900. A Native American group built a cluster of homes that centered around the site of today’s Plaza and spread for half a mile to the south and west; the village was called Ogapoge. The Santa Fe River provided water to people living there. The Santa Fe River is a seasonal waterway which was a year round stream until the 1700s.  As of 2007, the river was recognized as the most endangered river in the United States, according to the conservation group American Rivers.

Below is a list of new home builders in Santa Fe. Many of these builders offer new homes and new home communities in several areas throughout the state. You will find details about production home builders and custom home builders. Visit each builder to learn more about the homes they build including their building practices, warranties, energy efficiency efforts and community locations.

Top Santa Fe House Builders

New Home sale in Santa Fe by Tierra Concepts/Eric Faust

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Tierra Concepts have over 20 years of experience in home building and designs in Santa Fe. They incorporate a cutting edge design that embraces neutral colors, along with combinations that leads to a stylish home construction.

New Homes sale in 12 Canto del Pajaro by Rachel Matthews Homes

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Rachel Matthew Homes builds in beautiful, safe, and friendly  Santa Fe communities. Find comfort in choosing from some of the best neighborhoods in New Mexico to build your next home.

New Home sale in Santa Fe by Casa Solterra Home Builders

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The Mexican high desert is inspiring for architectural designs and details for custom built homes with Casa Solterra. Plans that incorporate the natural elements to each home site and made for the indiviuality of the homeowners always makes for a one of a kind home.

Prull Custom Builders

Prull Custom Builders has been building and designing homes for over 30 years. They are locally owned and operated and also fully respected in the Santa Fe community. Pull Custom Builders are known for their highly professional standards and their attention to all

Zachary's Homes Inc/Zachary Schultz

Zachary only builds a handful of homes every year, so it gives him time to design in drawings and he is able to hand pick each item along with having the ability to supervise all of the aspects of the contruction. Zachary Homes gives their personal touch to go along with the charming parts of the Santa Fe

Denman Associates

Denman & Associates have been building in Santa Fe since the 1970’s and has always offered a unique design and construction for homes of any and all magnitudes. Their abilities are diverse and having had built a solid reputation doing new construction, high quality renovations on estates, and including some commercial construction as well with their speciality in sustainablity

EcoHouse Santa Fe/Klaus G. Meyer

EcoHouse Santa Fe offers high quality construction that includes the latest creations in green building practices. Providing the Santa Fe area with a complete turnkey solution when it comes to home building and has experience with complete renocations, as

Plaza Bonita Santa Fe Subdivision

Plaza Bonita Subdivision prides theirselves in assisting families in finding a home that will perfectly fit all of their needs and making certain to turn every house into a home. Plaza Bonita is locally owned and has been operating in Santa Fe since 1977, and enjoys making their hometowen others hometown, as

Wolf Corporation Custom Builder/John C. Wolfe

Wolf Corporation is insured, bonded, certified, and licensed for all of their buyers protection. Offering a one year warranty from the date their customers project is completed, makes them unique and

Fine Homes Inc

Fine Homes Inc is located in the stunning and historic Santa Fe area and provides the finest home design and building services. Fine Homes has a wide-range of experts that will guide a new home owner through each stage of the designing process with all of their desires and particular needs in

Lockwood Construction

Lockwood Construction was founded in 1948 and is considered Santa Fe’s oldest contractor. The company has been focusing on residential and commercial development since 1980. Lockwood Construction planned and developed the Rancho Viejo, which is a 23,000 acre land development where the Santa Fe Community College is

Borrego Construction Inc/James Borrego

Borrego Construction has been offering the highest quality construction services in the Santa Fe area since 1977. Currently Borrego Construstion has close banking relationships and credit lines with Washington Federal, Bank of America and also First Community Bank of Santa

True North Builders LLC / Cody North

True North Builders is a custom contractor of an array of unique and beautiful single family homes and also large community compounds. True North Builders projects range from traditional to contemporary built homes all located in the historic areas of

ADC Network - Architect Designers

ADC have been helping homeowners with the design and successful building projects in New Mexico and the US. ADC offers LEED certified construction as well as established green home builders and work to incorporate all types of techniques into their clients

Wise Improvements LLC

Wise Improvements brings together homeowners and quality contractors and professionals. It does not matter the home buyers are new to the area and do not know who to call or have the time to search for the best professionals. Wise Improvement is there to help them along their

Tony Ivey Associates LLC

Tony Ivey & Associates, serving Santa Fe since 1984 and is a custom, general and remodeling contracting company. The company is dedicated to excellence and preserving the ingerity of the Santa Fe

Life Style Homes Inc

Life Style Homes have been building custom homes since 1978, along side of the owner William Szczech. Through the years, their work has been featured in well known magazines such as; Home Magazine, Adobe News, Casa Adobe and

Dressel Construction

Dressel Construction works with the finest homes and designs and builds custom homes for the needs of the owners. Dressel Construction uses the top computer software for construction scheduling, so they can monitor details and progress in a tightly