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Taylor Morrison’s 5 Best Master Planned Communities For 2018

Lifestory Research named Taylor Morrison ‘American’s Most Trusted Homebuilder’ for 2017, and the company is working hard to ensure prospective homeowners have a choice. It is planning to build more houses in its master-planned communities in 2018 and here are five of the best locations. WaterGrass at Wesley Chapel, Tampa, Florida If you’re looking to live in the Tampa area, you better act fast because this Taylor Morrison community will sell out rapidly. There are 33 properties at WaterGrass, and the homebuilder’s focus is on ensuring residents truly enjoy life in their new homes. It will feature resort-style amenities...

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5 Must Read Predictions about the American Housing Market in 2018

Given the almost habitual turmoil surrounding the U.S. housing market, you would be forgiven for thinking that making a prediction is as futile as inventing an underwater hairdryer. The notoriously volatile nature of property means it is difficult to turn soothsayer, but there are a few things that seem obvious when you analyze them. In this article, we look at five crucial market predictions. Keep reading to see if any of them impact your plans. 1 – Property Prices Will Continue to Rise, Modestly While the average price of homes in the United States rose by an impressive 5.5%...

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The Impact of President-Elect Trump in the US Housing Market

Much has been heard about the possible impact Donald Trump might have in taxes, international relations, immigration, trade policies and in the housing market, even before the election. But, we can’t say that for sure even after Donald Trump won the U.S Presidential election. What we all know is that there is still a controversy about Trump limiting the role of the Federal Government in the housing market. This was made clear in his rhetorical platform during the campaign period of the recent presidential election. The priorities of the elected President since the Election Day were immigration, taxes and...

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The Increase in U.S Mortgage Rates after the Presidential Election

A week following the election, mortgage rates soared sharply. It is believed that the housing rates will get even higher in 2017. It’s because the housing rate is closely tied to the stock market. When there is an inflation in the stock market, the mortgage rates also goes up. And we all know that there is an inflation in the stock market since the real estate mogul Trump won the Presidential election. Mortgage interest rates are influenced primarily by the public markets. Now, if these markets predict that the economy is slowing, the interest rate may fall. This is...

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The 5 Best U.S. Housing Markets in 2018

Purchasing a house is by far the biggest investment decision you’ll ever make. Get it right, and you could be in for a comfortable lifestyle. Get it wrong, and tens of thousands of dollars could be stripped off your prized asset. If you’re keen to move out of a location that is pushing your bill paying abilities to the limit, or you want a change of scenery, it is essential that you know the best places to move as per the housing market. 2017 was a year of political, environmental and economic turmoil that led to the lowest inventory...

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