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Taylor Morrison – Helping Home Seekers find their Dream Homes

“Homes inspired by you”— with this tagline, Taylor Morrison helps aspiring home buyers secure the house of their dreams. Taylor Morrison believes in creating homes and even neighborhoods suited to individual buyers instead of sticking to the same design with a one-size-fits-all approach. This is a major reason behind their success. The company has over 100 years of professional experience in building homes, so they know almost everything there is to know about homebuilding. How it started Way back in 1905, C.G. Morrison founded Morrison Homes in Seattle and in 1946 moved the company to Northern California. At that...

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LGI Homes – Making Homes Affordable for All

Based in Texas, LGI Homes was formed in 2003 with a focus on building entry-level houses for first-time home buyers. Although the real estate market collapse of 2008 affected the entire sector, LGI Homes was among the few that suffered less in comparison to others and was in fact the only builder named in the Top-200 builders by Builder Magazine to witness revenue growth and unit sales in the period of 2006-2009. The company had started a partnership with Interlinc Mortgage Inc. in 2006, which it then exited in 2010. LGI Homes took over Oakmont Home Builders in 2014 and...

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M/I Homes: A Story of Success, Trust, and Care that Leads Us to the Top

Irving and Melvin Schottenstein founded M/I Homes in early 1976 with an aim of making dream homes for Americans. Forty years and 100,000 homes later, M/I is the proud leader of home building in the U.S. M/I is a national leading builder in the single-family home marketplace. It believes in transparency, value, and quality. Since the beginning of the journey, M/I has been making marvelous homes that epitomize innovative architecture and superior quality. This home-building business believes in maintaining transparency with its clients by offering a close look at the home building process. The way M/I Homes puts it: “We...

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Shea Homes a Top Privately Owned Residential Home Builder

It all started in 1881 when John F. Shea founded the J.F. Shea plumbing company in Portland, OR. The 1910s marked Charlie Shea’s induction into the company. He helped his father, John F. Shea, to achieve bigger dreams. Gilbert and Edmund, Charlie’s two sons, soon joined the team. The tenacity of the Shea family and their dedicated employees gave shape to their dreams that manifested the Owyhee irrigation tunnels in Idaho, as well as the Portland Seawall on the Oregon coast, which came to fruition in the 1920s. It was also during this time that Shea Construction began constructing...

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Getting a Home Warranty? Check out What is Covered Under It

Once you have finally moved into your brand new home, you may put in some significant effort to make it look like your dream come true. There is nothing you will not do to protect your home, and which is why you may also invest in a homeowner’s insurance. In a recent survey, approximately 95 percent of US homeowners said that they had homeowners insurance. Home insurance offers protection against damages due to fire, theft, lightning, and vandalism. But what happens when there is something wrong with your plumbing system or your oven stops working? This is where the...

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