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Small Spaces – Get the Most for Less

When living in a small space such as a college dorm room or apartment, making the area comfortable and functional can be challenging. Here are some inexpensive yet effective ways for maximizing your small space. • Storage is the primary issue in a small space. You’ll need to be as efficient as possible, so take advantage of every storage opportunity. Add hooks along the walls of a closet and shelves at the top and bottom. The back of the closet door can be utilized for storage of shoes and other accessories using special storage hangers and organizers found at many home improvement and decorating stores. • Make use of dual-purpose items. For example, you can convert a storage trunk into a coffee table, or use a file cabinet as an end-table. • Coordinating color schemes throughout your space can make it seem much larger than it actually is. From bedding, bath towels, and kitchen utensils, to wallpaper, pictures, frames and decorative items, the seamless flow of a single color draws the eye around the room, making it seem more spacious. • Opt for smaller versions of the things you need. For example, refrigerators come in a variety of sizes that can fit any dorm room or small apartment, from the traditional cube-like dorm fridge, to skinnier versions of the traditional full-sized refrigerators found in most homes. • Finally, getting...

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Summertime Mosquito Control

Summertime means being outdoors, and being outdoors means one thing: dealing with mosquitoes. Wherever you live in the country, you face these summertime pests to one degree or another, and everyone knows how their presence can ruin a family’s summertime fun. While completely eradicating mosquitoes may be just a dream, there are some things you can do as a homeowner to lessen the numbers of mosquitoes you have on your property. As you probably know, mosquitoes breed in water. What you may not know, is that these minute critters only need a tiny amount of water in which to breed. Any place where water can stand still for a few days is a potential mosquito nursery, so be sure to check your property for some of these top mosquito-breeding offenders: 1. Containers. Plant containers, toys, cups… basically anything that can hold water inside of it is at risk to become a breeding ground. Keep containers off your property, or turn them upside down so that any water inside of them drains off. 2. Bird baths. Cute, beautiful bird baths can attract all kinds of frolicking feathered friends… and also a ton of biting mosquitoes. Bird baths are find to keep in the garden if you stick to one rule: make sure that you replace or add to the water every few days. Mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed, so...

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Home Safety for Homeowners and Renters

It’s May 2011. Do you know where your safety standards are? That’s right, it’s Building Safety Month again, the annual fete of codes, safety and awareness sponsored by the International Code Council Foundation, or ICCF. Whether you’re a builder, a real estate agent, a homeowner, or a renter, this month-long safety focus provides the perfect opportunity to consider your own role in achieving and maintaining safety in your home and workplace. With 11 states proclaiming May to be Building Safety Month, along with a number of local jurisdictions, chances are decent that you may find in-person events being hosted near you. Even if you don’t,, the event’s central website, includes a number of helpful materials for residents of both single-family and multi-family dwellings, that can be used to evaluate and address home safety concerns. These include: The Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist, which offers a succinct guide to seasonal check-up and maintenance tasks. The Disaster Safety and Mitigation Tips, that includes advice on how to prepare your family for possible weather-related disasters. Fire Safety and Awareness Tips, which have been collated to help residents decrease the likelihood of having an in-home fire. Finally, the Backyard Safety Tips sheet, which includes important guidelines on pool, deck and grilling safety. The event’s website also features a children’s page, where kids can learn about home safety, and the how building codes work...

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Single Women Targeted For Home Improvement Scams

>While married couples continue to make up nearly 60 percent of home buyers, over the last decade the number of single women buying homes has increased by 50 percent, accounting for 22 percent of all home sales. Single women households include those women who never married, as well as those who are divorced, single moms, or widows. However, according to, the entire spectrum of single female homeowners is “routinely targeted by home improvement scammers [who] rely on the fact that most women will be unfamiliar with common construction practices, and look to exploit that fact. That’s not to say that women haven’t succeeded in the construction industry, or are gullible, it just means that according to the numbers, the home improvement industry continues to be a male-dominated field.” The founder of, Tina Chamberland, says people tend to fall for scams during times of crisis. “Every year, bad weather damages or destroys thousands of homes. Some communities are nearly wiped out all together. People are in such a rush to repair their homes that they fall for quick finish dates and low prices without doing their due diligence.” Chamberland reports that of all consumer complaints made in 2010, issues with home improvement contractors ranked #3 and #6; the industry is consistently in the top three of all complaints annually. “It’s not always an obvious scam, it’s not always...

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How to Remodel Your Patio for Less

If you find it a little more difficult, for economic reasons, to take a vacation this summer you may be looking to spend time with friends and family at home. A nice evening with those you love in the backyard is a nice alternative provided your patio is updated with this summer’s trends. Some on a budget are choosing to downsize the patio, ordering shorter seat walls which use less stone, choosing more cost-effective barbecues and other materials. Here are some other ideas to give life to your patio: Substitute an outdoor fireplace or barbecue with a prefab option that will give you a look just as nice as a custom-built model, but much more cost- and time-effective (installation can be as short as two hours for some models). Attend to scratches, cracks, and stains in your patio floor by using overlay pavers, which will save you the trouble of ripping your old floor out. You could opt for a barbecue bought from a store (the portable kind) instead of a built-in model. With the wide variety of options, from charcoal fired to gas with double burners, you will be sure to find one that fits your budget. LED’s are a much better option than incandescent and halogen for outdoor lighting. Although LED’s cost a bit more, they are a smart investment because of how long they last, they...

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