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Nationwide Homeowner’s Insurance

Nationwide Homeowner’s Insurance Holders of Nationwide homeowner’s insurance policies can rest easy, knowing that their assets are protected, whatever damage may come from events like fire, smoke damage, damages from freezing and ice, or even theft, vandalism and damage by vehicles. Nationwide new home insurance also includes personal liability coverage for you and your family, as well as coverage for court costs associated with any defense of lawsuit concerning claims made against you for injury in your home. The homeowner’s insurance policy also conveys protection against legally-obligated payments, and medical costs associated with the injuries of others occurring in your house. With fair rates, Nationwide also offers substantial discounts for home amendments such as sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, burglar alarms and deadbolt locks. Founded in 1931 as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Nationwide came into existence in 1955 after years of FBMAI’s expansive growth. The company is still headquartered in Ohio where it was founded, and its 40-story office building is the largest in Central Ohio. Quick Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Facts Founded:1926 CEO: Stephen S. Rasmussen Corporate Office: One Nationwide Plaza, Columbus, OH...

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State Farm Homeowner’s Insurance

State Farm Homeowner’s Insurance State Farm embarked on its journey of good, neighborly business when it opened in 1922 as an automobile insurance company. The company has been the top automobile insurer since 1942, and has expanded its experience and reach into coverage for homeowner’s and new home insurance, life insurance, business insurance, and even health and disability insurance. Their homeowner’s insurance typically covers damage and loss due to events such as lightening, windstorms, freezing and theft; supplemental insurance is available for floods, home-based businesses, identity theft and high-value property. Discounts are offered for home improvements such as security devices, fire-prevention systems like sprinklers, and even the use of certain building materials. The company has been lauded for its comprehensive, inclusive employment practices, and its “good neighbor” policy of engagement at the community level in every region in which it holds offices. Quick State Farm Facts CEO: Edward B. Rust Jr. Corporate Headquarters: One State Farm Plaza, Bloomington, IL 61710 # of Employees:...

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What are the Benefits of Home Insurance?

Your home is certainly your castle, and even kings in the days of yore knew that protecting their castles (be it by moat, knight or tar) was part of being a smart owner. These days, marauders may not be as much of an issue, but theft, burglary, natural disasters and the occasional plumbing mishap are still threats to the sanctity of our home, and the sanity of our finances. For most homeowners, buying home insurance to cover their home and their belongings isn’t just good sense—it’s a necessity when it comes to sleeping well at night. The benefits of home insurance are legion, and they start with the sense of comfort you have when you know that you’re protected against life’s inevitable crises. Whether a faulty electrical wire starts a fire, or a hailstorm damages your roof, your insurance coverage is there to keep you from losing sleep, losing time, and losing money should something happen to your home. Additional benefits of new home insurance include: 1. Coverage of your belongings against theft and damage 2. Protection from personal liability should someone get hurt while in your home 3. Protection from legal expenses should someone sue you after being hurt in your home-based 4. Loss of use or loss of income should your primary or rental residences become uninhabitable Obviously, with this sort of coverage, your sleep at night...

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Liberty Mutual Homeowner’s Insurance

Liberty Mutual Homeowner’s Insurance Sporting an “Excellent” rating from AM Best, one of the nation’s top insurance rating companies, Liberty Mutual has leveraged its one hundred years of insurance experience to become one of the nation’s top choices when it comes to insurance needs. Their broad array of insurance products — new home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and business insurance—is backed by a strong financial foundation that means the company has the stability for the long haul. Their homeowner’s insurance policies offer liability, damage, personal expense and inflation protection, along with additional services like personal property replacement, 24-hour emergency repairs, and multi-policy discounts. With 24-hour claims assistance, and a convenient, reliable eService online, Liberty Mutual customers can rest assured that whatever the type or time of their need, Liberty Mutual will be there for them. Customers can obtain a quote online, or speak with a local agent to determine the coverage that is right for them. Quick Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Facts President & CEO: David Long Corporate Headquarters 175 Berkeley St., Boston, MA 02116 Employees: over...

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