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Benefits of Taking Home Insurance

Your home is certainly your castle, and even kings in the days of yore knew that protecting their castles (be it by moat, knight or tar) was part of being a smart owner. These days, marauders may not be as much of an issue, but theft, burglary, natural disasters and the occasional plumbing mishap are still threats to the sanctity of our home, and the sanity of our finances. For most homeowners, buying home insurance to cover their home and their belongings isn’t just good sense—it’s a necessity when it comes to sleeping well at night. The benefits of home insurance are legion, and they start with the sense of comfort you have when you know that you’re protected against life’s inevitable crises. Whether a faulty electrical wire starts a fire, or a hailstorm damages your roof, your insurance coverage is there to keep you from losing sleep, losing time, and losing money should something happen to your home. Additional benefits of new home insurance include: 1. Coverage of your belongings against theft and damage 2. Protection from personal liability should someone get hurt while in your home 3. Protection from legal expenses should someone sue you after being hurt in your home-based 4. Loss of use or loss of income should your primary or rental residences become uninhabitable Obviously, with this sort of coverage, your sleep at night...

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Western Mutual Homeowner’s Insurance

Western Mutual Homeowner’s Insurance Western Mutual Insurance Group provides high-level, affordable new home insurance to homeowners in the states of California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. The policies cover damage from a range of events including hail, fire, lightening, vandalism and water damage, as well as losses from theft or malicious mischief. Personal liability insurance covers homeowners against suits brought by guests, friends or tradespeople, and and additional living expense coverage will take care of you and your family should your home become inhabitable due to damage or loss. Earthquake coverage is also available. Western Mutual has been actively protecting the interests of homeowners in the Western states since 1946, and has been rated as “Excellent” by AM Best, the nation’s leading insurance ratings agency. The company has also received an A Prime rating for its financial stability, and the company is backed by strong and solvent firms such as Lloyds of London and Maiden Holdings, Ltd. Quick Western Mutual Insurance Group Facts President & CEO: Joe Crail Corporate Headquarters: 2172 Dupont Drive, Irvine, CA 92612 Founded: 1942...

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Progressive Homeowner’s Insurance

Progressive Homeowner’s Insurance Since 1937, Progressive has been offering customers peerless and award-winning insurance for automobiles, businesses, motorcycles and homeowners. The company’s homeowners and new home insurance offerings are categorized in an easy-to-understand, straight-forward level system, which clearly outlines the sources of potential damage which are covered by each insurance level. Policies cover the standard dwelling damage, along with coverage for personal property theft or damage, liabilities for injury on the property, medical payments for injured parties, and coverage for loss of use of your primary home. A wide-range of optional coverage plans are available, including identity theft, personal article floaters (for high value items), and inflation guards for increased costs of replacement. Progressive has been awarded the top spot by Keynote Systems’ Insurance Carrier Scorecard for 17 of the last 18 assessments since 2000, and has repeatedly been named as one of the best employers in a number of its serviced regions. The company continues to operate on its founding principles of honesty, integrity, respect, excellence, and service to employees, clients and investors. Quick Progressive Casualty Insurance Company Facts President and CEO: Glenn M. Renwick Ticker Symbol: PGR Corporate Headquarters: 6300 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village, OH # of Employees:...

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Refinancings Behind Cue as 30-year Fixed Rates Falls to 4.39%

Concerns that the economy may be headed back toward a recession have caused mortgage rates to fall to the lowest levels of the year. For a renewed wave of refinancing, however, rates may have to fall even more. The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage was down to 4.39% at the end of last week. Almost 40% of all borrowers with a loan on this type of mortgage could lower their rate by a percentage point, provided the current rates. Some, however, may not quality due to a lack of equity in their home. Analysts predict that mortgage rates would have to be about 4% to trigger any major activity in refinancing. Mortgages rates are closely tied to ten-year Treasury notes, and these are dropping as uneasy investors gather Treasury securities and sell stocks. The Treasury and the Federal Reserve have been expending much effort in keeping mortgage rates low and attempting to bolster refinancing. Washington established a program two years ago allowing borrowers who owe more on their properties than they are worth to, and whose loans are backed by Fannie and Freddie; to refinance if the amount of the mortgage isn’t over 125% of the home’s value. Some analysts say banks are hesitant to refinance riskier borrowers, even those with loans guaranteed by Fannie and Freddie, because they are unwilling to assume the risk that they...

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