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10 of the Best Master Planned Communities in the Phoenix Area

Have you been looking forward to move into Phoenix anytime soon? As a resident, you may want to choose a master planned community that promises to fulfill your requirements and matches your lifestyle proclivities. Master planned communities are typical reforms to the structural embodiment of a particular township or land mark that cease to make its erstwhile identity available, while revamping and curating, a whole new one for it. What is a Master Planned Community? When a deliberate thought is put to work, when planning and constructing a community, literally from scratch, a master planned community takes shape. Now...

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The Billionaire’s Mega-Mansion – Spec Built

Los Angles is known for its luxury, Hollywood glam and lavish sprawling real estate. It’s home to some of the wealthiest people in the country and some of the most outrageous homes you’ve ever seen. Just when you think you’ve seen the most extravagant home that money can buy, someone comes around and tops it. Recently, a freshly built Bel Air Mansion has made the top of the list as the most expensive home in the country. This sprawling mansion is listed for an outrageous price of a quarter of a billion dollars. This is more than double the...

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What Factors affect FHA Home Loan Rates

Many prospective homebuyers, who do not qualify for conventional home loans, can usually qualify for FHA home loans. This makes these loans quite attractive, especially if you have less-than-perfect credit. As long as you have money for the minimum down payment and satisfy a few other criteria, you could be a proud owner of a home. Before you celebrate and pop open the champagne, you should take a closer look at FHA home loan rates. You will figure out that while the rates are lower than conventional home loans, they can vary between lenders. You may assume that because...

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Taylor Morrison – Helping Home Seekers find their Dream Homes

“Homes inspired by you”— with this tagline, Taylor Morrison helps aspiring home buyers secure the house of their dreams. Taylor Morrison believes in creating homes and even neighborhoods suited to individual buyers instead of sticking to the same design with a one-size-fits-all approach. This is a major reason behind their success. The company has over 100 years of professional experience in building homes, so they know almost everything there is to know about homebuilding. How it started Way back in 1905, C.G. Morrison founded Morrison Homes in Seattle and in 1946 moved the company to Northern California. At that...

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LGI Homes – Making Homes Affordable for All

Based in Texas, LGI Homes was formed in 2003 with a focus on building entry-level houses for first-time home buyers. Although the real estate market collapse of 2008 affected the entire sector, LGI Homes was among the few that suffered less in comparison to others and was in fact the only builder named in the Top-200 builders by Builder Magazine to witness revenue growth and unit sales in the period of 2006-2009. The company had started a partnership with Interlinc Mortgage Inc. in 2006, which it then exited in 2010. LGI Homes took over Oakmont Home Builders in 2014 and...

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