Dan Wallrath Builds Custom Homes For Wounded Vets

You don’t often get to read stories of people who not only do something nice for others, but expensively nice things for others.

That’s what Dan Wallrath of Dan Wallrath Custom Homes is doing for wounded vets who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Based in Hitchcock, TX, near the Houston area, Wallrath started building homes in 2005 for wounded vets and giving those homes to them mortgage free. He’s built five homes since 2005, has five more under construction, and is trying to take his idea nationwide.

He’s not doing it alone. He took his idea to the Bay Area Builders Association and convinced members to start a home-building program for wounded veterans. He’s built homes that would be worth $300,000 for between $25,000 and $50,000 based on donations received from suppliers and contractors. Taxes and insurance is covered for two years.

Dan Wallrath builds luxury homes, and just seeing that he has taken this crusade upon himself for those who have given their bodies to help others in need around the world qualifies him to be considered both a local and national hero, and we applaud his venture and hope other home builders across the country step up to the plate.

2 thoughts on “Dan Wallrath Builds Custom Homes For Wounded Vets

  1. Mr. Wallrath, I am a wounded soldier and this is the best thing that i have ever heard about. What you are doing to help people like me is, well i dont know the right words to say how much this means to all of us. Thank you so much. Are you still building for people? and if so, how can i get my name on your list?