Why is Installing a Cooker Hood so Important for Your Kitchen?

Cooker Hood in Luxury Kitchen

If you intend on having a functional kitchen in your home, you need to have a proper cooker hood to allow the heat generated from cooking to escape.

It’s easy to forget all about the cooker hood when you’re designing your kitchen, but it is an essential element. We think about the color of the walls, the fancy kitchen appliances we’re going to add and a litany of other considerations but all mention of a stove-top hood gets left in the background. Why is it so important to have a range hood in the first place?

• The oil from frying or wok cooking can easily end up on the surface of your cabinets and if left untreated, it can be really difficult to clean. A cooker hood removes grease from the kitchen air by filtering it.

• Without a stove hood, the entire kitchen will end up smelling like the food you cooked yesterday. It is awful to come downstairs in the morning and smell stale pot roast! As long as you leave the range hood on for a few minutes after cooking, it should remove the stink.

• Steam and condensation are a result of cooking and this leads to mold in the kitchen if it is allowed to build up. As long as your cooker hood is regularly cleaned, it will help keep steam and condensation at bay.

• There are modern stove-top hoods with a chic design that can add to the aesthetic quality of your kitchen.

How To Cope With The Noise

You can buy cooker hoods from online stores such as Ship It Appliances that produce a relatively moderate amount of noise and allow you to carry on a conversation when the hood is operating. A normal conversation carries a decibel level of around 60 dB so naturally, you need a cooker hood that produces less noise. Top of the range products produce less than 45 dB so you can keep them on after cooking without being disturbed by the noise.

It is also important to note that stove hoods make much less noise on lower settings. Indeed, turning on your hood at its lowest setting just before you start cooking will control the level of steam and odors. By doing this, you will not need to increase the power unless of course you burn your food! Leave the cooker hood on for about 10 minutes after cooking to remove all residual smells. There are a range of hi-tech hoods that carry a run-on timer feature that switches it off after a set period of time.

The range hood must be installed correctly or else it will perform at a lower level than it is otherwise capable of. Always choose the ducting recommended by the hood’s manufacturer and position it to ensure the shortest possible ducting run is used as this will improve airflow and reduce noise levels. Avoid flexible or ribbed ducting unless otherwise specified as this will cause issues with free airflow and increase the noise produced.

Although choosing the best cooker hood is not as glamorous as installing brand new cabinets or flooring, it is still an aspect of kitchen design that must never be overlooked.

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