Nevada New Home Community Solar Powered

rendition-of-solar-powered-home-showing-how-power-is-routed-from-the-roof-into-storable-energyIf there is one thing that Nevada does not lack in… it’s sunshine; which makes Southern Nevada an ideal location for the state’s first solar powered community. Concordia Homes unveiled three model homes in Sommerset, of what will eventually become a 48-home community, all equipped with high-performance GE products that are Energy Star rated. One feature that makes these homes unique is their dashboard wall display units that provides water and energy consumption data, including how much electricity has been generated from the rooftop solar panels.

The homes range in sizes between 1,626 – 2,707 square feet, and prices start in the mid-300s; which is around $25,000 – $30,000 more than similar non-green homes in the Henderson, Nevada area – according to Jenny Sullivan of Builder Magazine.rendition-of-solar-powered-home-showing-how-power-is-routed-from-the-roof-into-storable-energy

Gidget Graham, Concordia President, believes Sommerset home buyers will recoup the additional expense over time, through lower utility payments. Graham estimates that a 2,700 square foot home at Sommerset will save the owner 60 percent in utilities; with the rooftop solar system generating 40 percent of an average family’s electricity use.

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