Generations Rule IBS’ 2012 Concept Homes

The concept home for the 2012 International Builder Show—held recently in Florida—took a slightly different approach this year, focusing on the particular needs and desires of three of the housing industry’s most dominant markets: Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Generation Y.

2011 International Builders Show Home Entry

This home was entered into the 2011 International Builders Show by Palm Harbor Homes (Florida) as a High Performance Home.

The trio of homes (rather than single home) created this year address the gulf between traditional new home communities—single family units with similar aspects and similar price points—and the way that the nation’s households have changed in nature and composition over recent years. The homes also address the changing needs of various demographic segments, such as the tech demands of the younger generations, or the move into retirement spaces being made by the Baby Boomers, the latter dubbed by the concept home designers as “Gen B.”

The Gen B home accommodates the changing lifestyle needs of the Baby Boomers, who want to retire into vibrant and active lifestyles, and whose households may include the return of older children into their home. A separate guest suite is perfect for visiting guests and family members, and the pool bar and full outdoor kitchen create an ideal oasis for both casual and elegant entertaining. Yet the home is also created for “aging in place,” allowing Boomers to make a transition from active retirement to more intensive aging in the very place they call home. This is achieved through single-story plans with flexible spaces and open access, which allow people of various mobility and ability to navigate the home with ease.

The Gen X home caters to the demographic of 52 million individuals born between 1966 and 1985, who are currently moving into their peak earning years, and are often simultaneously raising children and caring for aging parents. Large, flexible living spaces allow a larger family to gather, and incorporated technologies keep the home streamlined and up-to-date through thoughtful details like a dedicated electronics closet for the home’s various systems and components. The home also includes a first-floor master bedroom, and a second-floor in-law suite for adaptation to the needs of multi-generational households.

The Gen Y house caters to the desires of the nation’s younger generation, also known as “Millenials.” Research on this generation shows that they prefer smaller, more urbanized homes that can easily adapt to a variety of activities, such as work, play, or exercise. Thus the Gen Y home is smaller, includes a number of eco-friendly materials and building processes, and focuses on extreme flexibility for the generation’s mobile, tech-centric living. Details like in-home space for telecommuting workers, an enclosed inner courtyard for fitness, and a budget-minded single-floor plan allow Gen Y to enjoy their own new homes on their own terms, and within their own financial abilities.

For more information on the tri-generational concept homes developed for this year’s International Builders Show, visit the Concept Home website at: .

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Great and Green: Exciting Ideas from the International Builders’ Show

International Builders' Show 2011

Imagine window shutters that generate electricity, windows that can withstand hurricanes, and the luxury of thick carpet that comes with both durability and green credentials. Products like these are the future of home decoration and design, and were currently being showcased at the 2011 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida.

The International Builders’ Show (or IBS) is an annual gathering of top industry experts, companies, and product manufacturers, sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  Running from January 12-15, 2011, the convention is a showcase of the newest and brightest ideas in the building industry, and products shown here give a glimpse of what amenities and materials may be adopted by builders and subsequently show up in new homes across the country.

Staying Strong

As the 2011 hurricane season looms, homeowners in prone areas may be pleased to discover Gorrell’s new Hurricane Impact Windows—Energy Star rated but tough as nails—which passed rigorous impact standards in Dade County, Florida. (The standards mean that the windows would be appropriate for use in all coastal areas that require impact-certified windows.) The strength of this product means that the days of adhering plywood to windows before an approaching storm may be over; in addition, the windows also allow individuals who remain at home in inclement weather to take advantage of natural light both during and after a storm, when electrical service may be undependable or out completely. Pared with the noise-reduction and insulation the windows provide, they are a sound option for homeowners in areas with historical hurricane concern.

Going Green

For another year, a major selection of products emphasize environmental and energy-conscious developments, including the exciting PV Solar Shutter from Plug ‘N Save Energy Products. The innovative design incorporates solar panels onto window shutters, capitalizing on the sunshine a homeowner doesn’t want in the home, to turn it into energy that the household needs. The shutters come with a plug-in extension that “translates” the captured energy into usable electrical current, meaning immediate energy savings for the homeowner. The company estimates that by covering a sunny patio door, a user could generate over $300 in energy savings over the course of one year.

A variety of the products developed are energy savers for traditionally power-hungry home components, such as HVAC systems. Many of these new variations meet or exceed Energy Star standards. An example is the Ultra-Aire home ventilator and dehumidifier, a comprehensive, house-wide system that maintains consistent humidity levels. Humidity levels are important home-maintenance concerns, as excessive humidity can encourage pest infestations, and growth of mold and mildew. The humidifiers help accomplish humidity control when air conditioning is not needed, allowing homeowners to use the more energy-efficient ventilation system instead, saving on overall energy use.

Keeping In Style

While home ventilation systems and energy-producing shutters may not be our first priorities when purchasing homes, they are important. Even more on the mind of a potential homebuyer, though, is decoration and aesthetic appeal. Core to that is the style and quality of carpet used throughout a home. Traditional luxury rugs with stain protection require heavy use of nylon, production of which can be energy-intensive and polluting. The new SmartStrand® carpet from Mohawk Flooring uses a sugar-based polymer called Sorona® (manufactured by DuPont) which requires less energy to produce, and generates over 63 percent less greenhouse gas emission than traditional nylons. Homeowners looking for easy cleanup—parents, pet owners and red wine enthusiasts—can therefore happily enjoy stain protection and pleasant cushion underfoot, all while maintaining their green credentials. A win for everyone!

Anyone interested in viewing a complete list of exhibitors (companies, products and builders) at the 2011 International Builders’ Show should check the event website. Others can look for these new and environmentally-sound products to start showing up in new homes nationwide, which will benefit from so much industry progress.

Previous & Future IBS Dates

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National Green Building Conference 2009

2009 NAHB Green Building ConferenceComing May 8 – 10, 2009 to Dallas, Texas is “the green of green” National Building Conference which is targeted towards the residential green building industry.

Attendees will include green builders of single-family homes, multifamily homes, remodeling contractors, architects & designers of green buildings, energy conservation experts, land planners & developers, and green product manufacturers & suppliers.

The National Green Building Conference will provide attendees with the tools and ideas needed to compete and grow in the green housing industry.

Alternative energy advocate, T. Boone Pickens, will speak at the 2009 National Green Building Conference about environmental initiatives geared towards preserving natural resources, and conserving water and energy.

Awards will be given to the best in green residential design, new home construction, remodeling projects, and outstanding green advocacy efforts. The NAHB will also recognize the achievements of green building programs and initiatives by state and local Home Builder Associations.

The 2009 National Green Building Conference is held at the Hilton Anatole Dallas, which features priceless art collections, impeccable dining, a private seven-acre Anatole Sculpture Park, jogging trails, fish pond, tennis courts and a full-service health and fitness center at the Verandah Club & Spa. Rates are listed at $174 plus taxes per night, and the cutoff date for the event is Tuesday, April 7, 2009. To compare room rates, or to combine travel and lodging fees, discover Top Travel Deals at!

To learn more about “the green of green” expo, contact the following individuals.

General information – Lawrence Leonard at (202) 266-8489

Education information – Chad Riedy at (202) 266-8225

Registration information – 1-800-368-5242 x8338

Exhibitor information – Christopher Hood (202) 266-8684

Sponsorship information – Julie Mines (202) 266-8053

Click here for an overview of the 2009 National Green Building Conference.

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2009 NAHB Building for Boomers & Beyond: 50+ Housing SymposiumTM

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

Coming to the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown on April 27th through April 29th is the 2009 NAHB Building for Boomers & Beyond: 50+ Housing SymposiumTM.

The 50+ Housing SymposiumTM, sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders, promises to help industry related businesses to develop business strategies based on economic conditions and forecasts. The housing symposium will advise business owners on how to plug-in to the future of building products and technology.

In addition, the event will deliver expert advice from seasoned professionals who have experienced multiple market cycles; offer tours of award-winning single-family homes, condominiums, and clubhouses; plus, help individuals to develop business relationships through networking with likeminded individuals.

In attendance will be single-family home builders, multifamily home builders, custom home builders, sales and marketing professionals, land developers, planners, architects, home remodelers, retirement and age restricted community professionals, and independent and assisted living professionals.

The schedule of events for the 2009 NAHB Building for Boomers & Beyond: 50+ Housing SymposiumTM includes CAASH courses, Northern Suburbs Community Bus Tour in Philadelphia, New Jersey Community Bus Tour, and keynote speakers. Keynote sessions offer lectures on Housing for Boomers and Beyond: What’s Next? By Ivy Zelman, CEO of Zelman & Associates; 55+ by the Numbers; Sales… Gone are the Days of Taking Orders; Let’s Make a Deal: Financing Strategies to Stay Alive in Today’s Market; and The Competition: Build a Better 50+ Community. And a whole lot more…

For hotel and travel, attendees can visit to book a room for the event. Room rates are listed at $209 plus taxes per night. Those of you who are searching for a better deal on both airfare and lodging can find Top Travel Deals at!

For information about sponsoring the event, or for setting up an exhibit, you can contact Harris Floyd at (202) 266-8208 –

For an overview of the 2009 NAHB Building for Boomers & Beyond: 50+ Housing SymposiumTM, visit the NAHB’s website by clicking here.

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Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference 2009 – Reminder

Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference Coming Soon!

Coming to the Phoenix Convention Center, in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, a week from tomorrow is the Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference 2009 – March 13th & 14th. Click on the link for a detailed description of the event.

As this post is intended as just a reminder… we’ll go ahead and just highlight the event’s main features.

Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference 2009Who will attend?

Green contractors and green home builders, construction industry vendors, architects, interior designers, engineers, consumers, exhibitors, and curious minds wishing to learn about the future of green building.

Exhibitions will feature the latest in green-technology products, including furnishings, appliances, landscaping supplies, energy saving goods and services, and everything in-between.

Keynote speakers will be discussing new developments in green building, green certification, and the future of eco-friendly and environmentally safe construction.

Mark this year’s Build-it-Green Expo & Conference on your calendar… and we’ll see you there!

For additional information, contact Tina Robinson, the Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference Exhibit Director, at (602) 424-8855 or by email at

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2009 Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Conference & Awards Gala

2009 Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Conference & Awards Gala

San Diego, California

San Diego, California

The volatile economy – most notably, the housing market – has forced many industry leaders to explore alternative strategies for securing their future success. In 2008 the multifamily housing industry made over $25 billion in revenue, constructed over 9,000 units, and employed nearly 75,000 workers in the U.S.

While the industry includes major players such as Pulte Homes, Inc., Clark Enterprises Inc, and Centex Corporation, the industry is mainly comprised of independent firms and contractors.

What is a multifamily home?

A multifamily home includes apartment complexes, high-rise apartments, condominiums, townhomes, lofts, and other types of housing communities, which consist of medium-to-high density home units.

The event:

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

The NAHB 2009 Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Conference & Awards Gala – hosted in San Diego, California, on March 17th & 18th, at the Hotel Del Coronado. Click here for a full list of the event details from the NAHB.

Who will attend?

Multifamily architects, designers, developers, builders, owners, suppliers, property managers, sales and marketing experts, investors, and lenders.

The conference will be an excellent opportunity for industry leaders to meet, share ideas, and build future relationships with industry stakeholders.

In addition, the event will host speakers scheduled to discuss information about the current state of housing markets, and what the future of the industry may hold. During the second day of the event, presentations on the following topics will take place: Debt Market: Getting What You Need; Market More Now Than Ever; Surviving in a Dislocated Housing Environment; Equity Financing: Who’s Got the Money?; Design Trends: Award-Winning Case Studies from the Pillars of the Industry; Top Five Emerging Trends in Today’s Marketplace.

Click here to view the 2009 Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Schedule.

Hotel & Travel:

You can contact the Hotel Del Coronado directly to make reservations at 1-800-HOTELDEL. According to the NAHB’s Hotel & Travel information for the event, room rates start at $259 plus tax and a $12 resort fee; however we found better rates if you visit Click here for Last-Minute Hotel Deals at

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Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference 2009

Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference 2009

With the substantial growth of green-home building in recent years, it’s great to see so many expos and conferences dedicated to the sharing of ideas between industry leaders. In many ways, consumers are to thank for the recent growth, due to higher demands for increased energy efficiency, conservation, and eco-friendly products.

southwest-build-it-green-expo-and-conference-2009On March 13th and 14th at the Phoenix Convention Center, the Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference will be coming to downtown Phoenix.

As Arizona’s largest green conference and expo, the Southwest BIG (Build-it-Green) Expo will be featuring an anticipated 500-plus exhibitors, representing building and construction products and services, consumer goods and services, and architectural and engineering services, to name a few.

Many of the attendees will be home builders, contractors, commercial contractors, architects, interior designers, and engineers. Homeowners will find green furnishings and state-of-the-green-art appliances, landscaping advice, and most impressively, visitors will have the opportunity to take a glimpse into the future of interior and exterior green home designs.

In addition, representatives from local, state, federal, non-profit, and private green programs will be on-hand to provide exhibitions and recommendations on everything green-related. The event is sponsored by SRP® and other exhibitors include suppliers from waste management, renewable energy, and transportation sectors.

The Southwest BIG Conference is featuring keynote speakers and educators to speak on topics during seminars that cover areas of green awareness, water efficiency, solar power, returns on your green investments, LEED certification, existing building and retrofitting, and commercial sustainable product use.

The Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference is an excellent chance for business owners and executives, of companies that represent the commercial and residential building industries, to display and demonstrate their products and services. Furthermore, the event is a great opportunity for networking, meeting new people, sharing ideas, and forming new business relationships and ventures.

For additional information see:

The Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference Brochure

The Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference Exhibitor Booth Pricing

The Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference Lobby Premium Package

To register your company and “show-off” your products, you can contact Tina Robinson, the Southwest Build-it-Green Expo & Conference Exhibit Director, at (602) 424-8855 or email Tina at

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