Calvis Wyant, Arizona’s Award Winning Luxury Home Builder

If you’re not familiar with Calvis Wyant, you probably aren’t making enough money to afford one of their homes. They’re not only a premiere luxury home builder throughout Arizona, though based in Scottsdale, but they’re an award winning company, having twice won the Residential Design & Build Excellence Award (which they won in 2008 in three categories for Custom Home of the Year, Over $2.5 Million), the 2006 MAME (Major Achievements in Marketing Excellence) Custom Home of the Year, Under $2.5 Million, and the 2006 Gold Nugget Award Award of Merit for Best Custom Home, Under 5,000 sq. ft.

Created in 1986, Tony Calvis & Gary Wyant decided they wanted to build customized luxury homes that were also environmentally friendly. Their designs fit the southwestern flavor on the outside, blending elements of both traditional and modern aesthetics. This isn’t an organization that puts out a lot of homes in a year; they don’t have their own home community. Instead, they’ve build around 200 homes since their creation, and have homes in some of the top communities around the state, including Phoenix and Scottsdale. Because of the prices of the homes they build, they’ll spend months working with a client just on their vision before starting the design, because they want to make sure they build exactly what the client wants.

Their homes are in some of the top communities throughout the state, and every style is unique. If you have a couple of million to spend, Calvis Wyant should easily be near the top of home builders you should check out.

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